New 3D Printing Market Research From ARC Advisory Group

Research Analyst Scott Evans has gathered a significant amount of information on the 3D printing market – past, present and future – for his market research report, just released from Evans’ employer the ARC Advisory Group.

The scope of the study is tightly knit to the professional and industrial level market – with market size estimates, segmentation, forecasting and supplier market shares and profiles amongst other relevant sectors included. The study also promises to offer suitable strategies for the parties wanting to be involved in what Evans calls a new philosophy of manufacturing, such as which industries the suppliers should target and how end users should incorporate 3DP in their JIT production strategies.

The study report has several different editions available – according to different geographical markets, which have a focus on the different parties operating in the specific market and local forecasts, but also a global edition with a trend analysis and industry, material, service, 3DP tech and other area-specific forecasting.

We are yet to have the full report in our own hands, but it is bound to be an interesting read for anyone following the industry. It’s also good to see the sometimes quite conservatively orientated big consultancy groups go public with their positive expectations of the future 3D printing market.

You can see a teaser-of-a-kind / webcast of what’s included in the report below:

If you want to purchase the report – full or just some sections – hit the source link for more information.

Source: ARC Advisory Group