3D Printing API Tool from Shapeways

Shapeways has just gone live with a new 3D printing API tool for its members, allowing them to create their own apps via the site. The only prerequisite for the service is that users have a Shapeways account.

The tool allows for the creation and management of design and print apps hosted by Shapeways offering an even more diversified product offering.

Shapeways API

This new development is supported by a detailed “How To Guide” that walks users through the step-by-step process for getting started, registering, settings and authentication, together with reminders for guidance on uploading and selling products and how to incorporate the necessary components for this is the apps being developed.

This is a rather handy addition from Shapeways, particularly for those not comfortable with coding and its inherent pitfalls. It will be fascinating to see the apps that surface as a result of this development, the impact it has for Shapeways and indeed the wider design and 3D printing community.