Materialise Launches MiniMagicsPRO 3D Printing Software

The software branch of Materialise, the Belgian based 3D printing company, has released MiniMagicsPRO — its latest software package for 3D Printing and AM production environments.

Checking STL files, validating and measuring parts, and creating reports are all things that need to be done several times throughout the 3D printing production cycle; by the designer and/or whoever is producing the part with each of these stages requiring a different level of functionality. MiniMagicsPRO aims to simplify and automate this process.

MinimagicsPRO Materialise

In this regard, MiniMagicsPRO not only allows users to make measurements on screen (and includes an extended portfolio of measurements), but also to enter (manually or through an electronic caliper) the real measured dimensions after the part has been built. The measured dimensions are then compared with the dimensions on the STL and tolerances are given to show the user whether or not this part falls within specification or not, and whether a remake needs to be made.

Tim Van den Bogaert, Materialise Product Manager, explains: “MiniMagicsPRO is a tool in which STL files can be inspected (as with the free MiniMagics) with the additional option that reports (MS Word, MS Excel) can be generated. This is useful for making a first analysis of a part, a quote for a customer or an inspection report. Also, if people are using a floating license of our CAD-import system, all of these imports will be available in the MiniMagicsPRO tool meaning that they do not have to pass through Magics or their customers to convert their files.”

Source:  MiniMagicsPRO