Local Motors on How to 3D Print a Car

Having opened up two car printing facilities in the US in 2016, Local Motors plans to send its first fleet of 3D printed autos onto highways next year. If they deliver, we may begin a new era of auto manufacturing not for the masses but for every individual driver. If the company is going to make the leap from niche to mainstream, it’s going to have to make the concept of 3D printing vehicles digestible to those outside of the 3D printing industry. To do so, the open source vehicle company has published this helpful video detailing the process of manufacturing a Local Motors 3D printed car.

local motors 3D printed LM3D car road ready

Created by Local Motors Multimedia Specialist Motaz Hussein, the video below details how Local Motors goes from a digital file to 3D printing an automobile. This includes providing the file, the specifications, slicing, and 3D printing on Cincinnati Inc’s large-scale BAAM 3D printer, illuminating specific details about how their composite material is extruded.  This is just the first video in the series, which will also discuss how the pieces are prepped and assembled into Local Motors vehicles.  Stay tuned for more to come!