Free 3D Printable of the Week: the USS Enterprise

In honor of New York Comic Con, taking place right now, we’re honoring what may be one of the most important franchises to have driven the popular love of sci-fi.  While Comic-Con began as a celebration of graphic stories, it has since exploded into a worldwide phenomenon dedicated to everything from Hollywood blockbusters to independent graphic novelists.  It would be hard not to acknowledge the role that the Star Trek franchise played in taking sci-fi from the pages of Amazing Stories and onto the small screen, where television viewers could be exposed to new alien races, egalitarianism, a thirst for understanding the Universe, and far-out technology.

Now, not only are these once strange ideas commonplace in mainstream entertainment, but they result in the highest-grossing films on a regular basis.  We may not be any closer to understanding humanity’s place in the Universe, but we can at least be entertained while we wait to find out.  And you don’t have to turn to Hollywood to pay tribute to the many iterations of the USS Enterprise and other ships from the series.  Sketchfab user morenostefanuto has, over the course of the past three years, modeled eleven different spacecraft from Star Trek, all beautifully detailed and available for 3D printing, at home or directly via 3D Hubs.

Here are just a few, but you can see all eleven on morenostefanuto’s page here.