FELIXprinters Launches New 3D Printer Line with FELIX Pro 1

Dutch manufacturer FELIXprinters has announced the release of the FELIX Pro 1, the first in their professional series of FDM 3D printers. The FELIX Pro 1 is the follow up to the FELIX 3.1 which is now part of FELIXprinters’ Premium line of 3D printers and will still receive upgrades and support.

FELIX Pro 1 3D Printer

Based on the popular PRUSA i3 design, the FELIX 3.1 was very highly rated among users and the FELIX Pro 1 seems to improve on it in a number of ways. The FELIX Pro 1 comes equipped with dual extruders. The all metal, direct drive hot ends are described as incredibly easy to remove, potentially making maintenance or replacement a breeze. The FELIX Pro 1 has a solid 255 mm X 245 mm X 225 mm build area and is capable of printing at up to .05 mm layer thicknesses. The FELIX Pro 1 uses a variety of 1.75mm filaments, including PLA, PET(g), FLEX, ABS, PVA, WOOD and GLASS.

FELIX Pro 1 3D Printer details

The FELIX Pro 1 includes a number of design features that, together, seem to make a much better user experience. Intelligent nozzle detection increases the distance between the idle nozzle and the print bed, which is a great design feature for a dual nozzle printer. Additionally, the FELIX Pro 1 comes equipped with sensors that can detect when a spool of filament is finished and will pause the print until it is reloaded. The Felix Pro 1 also comes with auto bed leveling and an easily detachable print bed.

As a follow up to an already solid and popular 3D printer, the FELIX Pro 1 appears to be a powerful, but very user friendly machine. For more information on the FELIX Pro 1, as well as the father-son team behind FELIXprinters, visit their website. And, to see a complete comparison breakdown of the FELIX Pro 1 to the FELIX 3.1, check out the specs below:

FELIX Pro 1 3D Printer specs