Delight this Valentine’s Day with Dyo’s Customizable Designs

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means that we’ll be bombarding you with all sorts of 3D printed gift ideas. It’s just our way of saying, “if you’re going to celebrate a stale holiday, why not spice it up with a new technology?” The latest gift idea comes via a new customizable jewellery site called Dyo. Though the items on Dyo aren’t meant specifically for Valentine’s Day, the launch has been conveniently timed to supply you with some clever ways to celebrate.

Dyo is brought to you by the makers of MatterRemix, an online modelling platform meant to be the Instagram for the world of CAD through the use of easy filters and add-ons that take the expertise out of 3D modelling. This new project from Matter Labs gives customers a chance to personalize one-of-a-kind products that are 3D printed via Shapeways. In the case of their first set of love-themed products, you can design rings and pendants with an array of romantic inscriptions, which will then be printed in your choice of polished silver or raw brass.

The most basic, oldie-but-goodie, design is the inscribed ring, or Verse Ring, as it’s called by Dyo. You can have a fourteen character message printed onto the surface of your ring. For traditionalists, your partner’s name will probably fit.  For metal heads and worshippers of alternative religions, see my example below:

Hail Satan Verse Ring Dyo 3D Model

The other items are a bit more unique. The Point-of-Origin Ring and Coordinate Tag allow customers to enter in an address, which is then translated onto a ring or dog tag as a set of geographic coordinates. You can immortalize the place you fell in love, had your first date or where you were married with a sentimental and 3D printed gift. For the astrologically minded, Dyo also offers the Starscape Pendant. Give the site your birthday and that of your partner and it will generate both of your astrological signs as constellations.

Point of Origin Ring Coordinate Tag Starscape Pendant Dyo 3D Printing

If I did decide to customize something on Dyo for Valentine’s Day, I might get the Broken Obelisk Pendant, which takes a 14-character message and breaks it in two pendants for me to divide with my wife. On it, I might get the phrase “No Take Backsies” printed.

NoTakeBacksies Dyo 3D Printed Broken Obelisk Pendant

The phrase came to be the motto of our Wedding Day, as we said it for months up to the event and after we exchanged rings, while pinky swearing. I even got it sewn into the collar of my suit!

Suit NoTakeBacksies Dyo 3D Printing

In spite of the fact that Dyo has a handful of specially made items for the upcoming holiday, the site has only begun its customizable jewellery line. You can expect more items from Dyo in the near future that will be made with all of the same 3D printed pazazz as these Valentine’s Day gifts.