Company Behind “Europe’s First 3D Printer” Acquired by French Robotics Firm

A new 3D printer company has emerged in France, through the acquisition of an old one.  Prodways is the result of a purchase by the Gorgé Group of 3D printing innovator, Phidias Technologies. And the new company, bushy tailed and bright eyed, will be displaying all that it has to offer at Euromold in 10 days time.

Phidias was originally created by inventor André-Luc Allanic, who combined LED with the Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D printing technique. After acting as Principal Scientist for 3D Systems and creating “Europe’s first 3D printer”, according to the press briefing, Allanic went on to found Phidias, selling 17 machines in the past three years and earning over €1 million in 2012.

Raphael Gorgee Andre Luc Allanic
Raphaël Gorgé, CEO Gorgé group, with André-Luc ALLANIC, Head of R&D, Prodways. Try to guess who bought out who!

In May of 2013, an 88% stake in the company was bought by the Gorgé Group for €4.84 million, with Allanic maintaining the other 12%. The Gorgé Group, known for intelligent safety systems, nuclear protection partitions and a variety of other robotics and industrial equipment, hopes to leverage Allanic’s technology to become a leader in the 3D printing world. The newly formed Prodways will focus on industrialising Phidias machines, expanding their range and manufacturing resin. The company boasts its machines to hold the “World record resolution and precision, even on large parts” and already produces a range of composite and biocompatible materials.

For those always interested in 3D printing stocks, Prodways is not publicly traded, but the Gorgé Group, operating on the Euronext under the symbol GOE is. For those who speak French, there are a few video interviews with the CEO of the Gorgé Group on the company’s website.  Finally, for those who will be attending Euromold, make sure to check out their booth and get back to us about what you think!

Source: Prodways