Borna Noavaran Pouya launched its latest 3d printer: BLACKBOT PLUS

Iranian 3D printer company has recently launched its latest 3D printer, the BLACKBOT PLUS, which is equipped with auto bed leveling system, smart lighting system, filament sensor, auto shutdown system, power outage failure protection system, customized accurate printing bed and fully metal hotend.

Borna noavaran Pouya Company was established in 2015 by Dr. Behzad Abdi and Eng. Hamed Kerveh and their main activities are designing and manufacturing 3D printers and 3D printing services beside design and fabrication of industrial mechanical and electrical systems. Borna’s latest 3D printer has been designed with simplicities and convenience in mind and its auto bed leveling system let the users to dive into their first print. This printer has equipped with power outage failure protection systems that let the users work under every condition, especially in the places with power outage problems and this system pause the printer if necessary and the printer automatically continues the print process as the problem solved. The filament detection sensor detects the filament and prevent printing failure by pausing the print when necessary.

Borna 3d Printer.jpg
The Borna’s printers equipped with fully metal hot-ends and the systems has modified to work with any types of filaments especially for flexible filaments. The printers come with 0.4mm nozzle diameter and the user can change the nozzle to 0.2mm, 0.3mm and higher. An extra cooling fan added to the printer for quick cooling and users can control the cooling fan according to types of filaments.

The BLAKBOT PLUS printers come in two printing volume including 250mm x 250mm x 350mm and 350mm x 350mm x 450mm and the printing bed was made of accurate and smooth aluminum plate that can be adjusted by the users and this system beside auto bed leveling system provide very accurate print. The BLAKBOT 3D printers come with single nozzle and it can be upgraded to dual nozzle according to user demand. Because of using high quality mechanical systems such as shafts and ball screw and nuts, the printing accuracy is 50 micron and the printer can print very big models without any failure due to cooling systems that were used.

For those interested in purchasing BLACKBOT 3d printers, Borna Noavaran Pouya Company offer 18months guarantees of support include lifetime support service, regular upgrades and quick delivery. The printers come with a tool pack include three pcs of brass nozzle (0.2mm, 0.3mm and 0.4mm), three nozzle cleaning drill bit (0.2mm, 0.3mm and 0.4mm), scraper tool, a role of kapton Tape,150ml of ABS and PLA Solvent, one roll PLA filament and etc.