Black Friday Offers and A LulzBot Deal for Cyber Monday!

Following a host of Black Friday deals from many 3D printer manufacturers, Aleph Objects, makers of the LulzBot 3D desktop printer, is offering what it calls ‘extreme discounts for engineers, DIY-ers and prototypers’. What this essentially means is that from 12:01 a.m. MST, on Monday, December 2, makers can get in virtual line at the company’s website to take advantage of a one-time, one-day offer on the LulzBot TAZ 2 when it will be available for $1,995 (instead of $2,395) as well as up to 50% off on hardware, electronics and filament.

It’s quite hard to convey to non US-natives just how serious the “sales” are around this time of year. They go all out to attract buyers. For anyone in the UK — it’s akin to the January sales (but probably x10)! If you are elsewhere in Europe or further afield, do let us know if you go through anything similar.

Commenting on the special offer, Aleph Objects’ President, Jeff Moe said: “Whether you’re buying a gift or treating yourself, the LulzBot 3D printer is a gift that will keep on giving. Our printers allow for continual improvements so you can add to, modify and change your hardware over time.”

Whether you think this is a little cheesy or not, it does prompt the questions as to whether this comes ahead of a new model? We also considered that Lulzbot sales may be struggling at its RRP, considering the alternatives available on the market.

Let us know what you think, and if an offer like this — or the Black Friday deals —tempt you to buy.