Autodesk & GrabCAD Partner Up for Easy & Accessible 3D Modelling

Autodesk recently announced AutoCAD 360, which brings powerful, easy-to-use AutoCAD capabilities to the web and mobile devices, as well as Fusion 360, the next generation integrated 3D industrial and mechanical design tool. Both of these products will now be available through the GrabCAD Toolbox, where users can access 3rd party CAD applications that run on GrabCAD.

This move represents the first time either 2D or 3D design and editing tools have become available through GrabCAD, making sophisticated CAD and collaboration tools accessible to users of all sizes and types.

How will it work?

GrabCAD Workbench is the place where users can launch the apps they sign up for in Toolbox. With AutoCAD 360, users will be able to edit 2D files right in the browser, including collaborative editing where multiple users can see and edit a drawing.

In the coming weeks, users will be able to launch Fusion 360 from within Workbench and, after editing the model, can save the model back to GrabCAD. In addition, all users of Autodesk Fusion 360 will be able to publish to the public GrabCAD Library so Community members can see the model.

Once inside the GrabCAD Toolbox users will be able to see plugins from other partners that enable them to “publish to” GrabCAD. As more partners are added more and more apps will become visible and the vision is to make GrabCAD a single platform for online engineering tools, so that users can access the best tools in the world in the most convenient way.

GrabCAD Fusion 360 Launch