Arcam launches Qplus



Arcam Group, with its head office located in Mölndal, Sweden, provides Additive Manufacturing solutions for production of metal components

Arcam AB (publ), listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, today launches Arcam Q10plus and Arcam Q20plus, a significantly enhanced generation of the Arcam Q-series EBM systems for Additive Manufacturing. With Qplus Arcam introduces Arcam xQam™, an X-ray based function for high precision auto-calibration and improved beam control.

The Arcam Qplus-series introduces important features facilitating efficient manufacturing;

  • Arcam xQam™ – an innovative X-ray based detection system for automatic calibration and improved beam control.
  • EBM Control 5.0 – an all new software platform adding functionality for more efficient and accurate beam control as well as new melt strategies, improving build speed and precision.
  • New electronics – bringing more efficient and accurate beam control.

Arcam Qplus offers up to 25% higher productivity with significantly improved surface finish and precision.

“With the Arcam Q series-plus we sharpen our offering to our main markets, the implant industry and the aerospace industry. With the introduction of the innovative Arcam xQam™ technology, Arcam reinforces its commitment being at the technological forefront within industrial Additive Manufacturing”, says Magnus René, CEO of Arcam.

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