A Look At Halloween 2012 – 3D Printed Style

Even though carving real pumpkin flesh is still mostly preferred over 3D printing Jack O’Lanterns, other aspects of Allhallows Eve have already benefitted from the tech. If you happened to see some exceptionally well-made apparel and outfits on trick or treaters this year, they might have been given just that – the magic touch of 3D printing.

We have selected a few of our favourites from Halloween this year – mainly to give you inspiration to design your very own next year (if the upcoming holiday season doesn’t already give you an excuse to start your printer for some terrifying tinkering).

A very decorative skull assembly: Skulls

Objet Skulls

Or some eery earrings: Rat Earrings

Rat Earrings by Martynas on Shapeways

Day of the Dead styled skull: Sugar Skull

Sugar Skull by Geomatrix Studio on Etsy

A cool low poly mask: Low Poly Mask

Low Poly Mask By Kongorilla on Thingiverse

And finally the mandatory lantern: Jack O’Lantern

Cubify User cwallaces Jack O'Lantern

Did you 3D print something this Halloween? Then why not share it in the comment sections here.

3D Halloween by Diana Toma

Feature image courtesy of Vector TutsPlus