Colorilab Looking to Give 3D Printers a True Color Palette

When it comes to FFF 3D printers, filament variety is certainly limited. While it’s easy enough to find basic colors, it can be incredibly difficult to find a variety of shades of a particular color. Finding that right red, for example, has always been difficult and I’ve often had to settle for a color that was not quite what I wanted. Colorilab is looking to completely change the way we look at and purchase filament by offering a wide variety of high-quality filament for use with FFF 3D Printers.

colorilab 3D printing filament color pallete

Colorilab is on the verge of launching a crowdfunding campaign to bring their vision to life. Colorilab is looking to produce 350 filaments in over 180 different colors, based on 13 different resins including: PLA, ABS, Nylon, PETG, PC, HIPLA, POM, TPE, TPU, and PP, among others. Not content with simply manufacturing a large quantity of filaments, Colorilab suggests that they are also focused on producing filaments of the highest quality, as well. Personally, I love that Colorilab will offer samples of their materials for just a few cents, as it will give customers the opportunity to try out samples without committing too much money upfront. Unfortunately, many of us have had to learn about the quality of filament the hard way by purchasing low quality spools.

colorilab 3D printing filament comparisons
Colorilab’s filament comparisons: their gold on the right, transparent on the left, and black on the right.

If Colorilab can produce such a wide variety of quality filaments, it will truly be a remarkable advance for desktop 3D printing. The technology is becoming more widespread, especially in areas like model making and art, where having access to a large color palette is essential. Colorilab shared some examples of their spools as compared to other brands and the range does look impressive. I’m especially interested in seeing how their transparent filament looks compared to the other “transparent” filaments on the market.

I will be patiently awaiting and closely following their crowdfunding campaign once it launches. For more information, check out their website and submit your email for updates.