3DPI.TV – SMARTTECH Unveils Micron3D 3D Scanner

Even before the rising competition for 3D printing technology in the Polish and Eastern European markets, Polish manufacturer of 3D scanners SMARTTECH has been at work refining its scanning technology. The most recent high-end scanner, the MICRON3D, made its debut at the 3D Show: Printer & Scanner in Warsaw, recently.

The MICRON3D scanner is the result of two years of research and questionnaires answered by 200 previous SMARTTECH customers. The company claims that small refinements to their technology have led to a scanner featuring a green structural LED light. By projecting stripes onto an object, the device is capable of reading the curvature of an object being scanned. And, according to SMARTTECH, the green light is a big upgrade compared with already existing scanners, with the LED extending the MICRON3D’s lifetime and decreasing energy consumption.

The scanner is meant to be mobile, with a durable carbon cover and support structure, which minimizes the temperature effects on the accuracy of the scanner. Internal shock absorbers and dust filters also protect the interior of the device so that it can be transported to and from locations.

SMARTTECH’S latest device is certified to VDI/VDE 2634 standards and has already been awarded the gold medal for best product at the CONTROL-TECH Kielce fair as well as the “Laurel of innovation 2014” from the MAIN POLISH TECHNICAL ORGANIZATION.