3DPI.TV – Choc Edge's 2nd Gen Chocolate 3D Printer

If you love chocolate and you love 3D printing, then you probably loved Choc Creator. Well, get ready for Choc Creator II.

Choc Creator is a 3D printer, that was released by Choc Edge in 2012. It made stunning 3D and 2D designs in chocolate.

With this latest version, the company reveals that the Choc Creator II builds on the first version of the platform but uses a bigger, heated syringe to make 3D printing chocolate even more practical. The larger syringe keeps the chocolate at the right temperature, so that it can print for longer periods, without stopping. It also boasts a sleek new housing.

Choc Creator II was unveiled by Choc Edge’s Business Development Director, Christina Zheng, at the recent 3D printing conference in Qingdao, China. Choc Edge has sold the original Choc Creator to customers across the globe, in places like Brazil, the U.S., China and France, since it first went on sale. Purchasers include chocolatiers, marketing companies, cake-makers and fans of 3D printing technology (and chocolate).

Founder of Choc Edge, Dr. Liang Hao, said they were thrilled with the reception of the original device, and have striven to make Choc Creator II even easier to use.

Choc Creator II is a little pricey, at £3,888, but it should be a consideration for a range of food outlets and marketing ops! And it will certainly fulfill the intent of bringing 3D printing to a wider audience in this regard.