3DPI.TV – Certificate of Quality for Your 3D Printing Filament

Softx, an Italian IT company from Treviso, has decided to expand its core business to target the 3D printing sector, by offering accurately selected ABS and PLA filament.

Softx’s new online filament retail venture is called 3Dfilo and brings forth the company’s focus on making their customers experience as trouble free as possible, through solid ongoing relationships based on transparency and fairness. Leveraging this experience, the team at Softx decided to transform what was a personal passion into a new area of business, by offering what 3D printer owners need most to put their hardware to work: consumables.

3Dfilo is now set on becoming a leading filament retailer by searching for global producers that can guarantee sufficient experience, material choices, quality certifications, and contractual guarantees. The 3Dfilo team first buys random samples of the material to observe delivery times and packaging. The materials are then tested by a technical team using some of the best 3D printers on the market. Finally, the filaments are certified to guarantee the quality and efficiency of each supplier to their customers.

3Dfilo’s policy to strictly test each filament before selling it has somewhat limited the choice of colors, sizes, and material options, with 14 PLA colors (including five translucent filaments) and 8 ABS colors, but, like the popular Italian saying goes, better a company of one good one than a company of many bad ones.