3DPI.TV – 3D Printing Industry Veteran Terry Wohlers Interview

The keynote speaker at the Inside 3D Printing Berlin event recently was industry veteran Terry Wohlers. With more than 25 years’ consulting experience in the 3D printing industry, Terry is the foremost authority on the global landscape of the technologies’ development, application and uptake. 3DPI.TV interviewed Terry, who was kind enough to give us some of his time, to get his take on the German market in particular and the bigger picture in general.

Question 1: Can you give some insight into the value of the Inside 3D printing event series.

Answer 1: Well this Inside 3d printing event is a first of series of events, one almost every month, every other month from the US to Europe, Asia, even South American coming up next month. So it’s very exciting not only to see all these events come up, but the audience. The number of people is unprecedented – cose to 700 this morning at the event, so that is quite exciting.

Question 2: The German market — vendors and users — is very strong in the 3D printing industry. How have you found the event in Berlin?

Answer 2: Well, people are very enthusiastic, they’re asking good questions, they’re energized, they’re optimistic, but also realistic. They want good information and you have to attend events like this to become educated, to get good accurate information. Both the good, bad and sometimes the ugly

Question 3: The 3D printing landscape is vast and growing — where do you see it in 10 years?

Answer 3: Where do I see the 3d printing market in ten years? Well we think it will grow to well over ten billion dollars but just to put it into perspective, if you look at the entire manufacturing economy worldwide, if 3d printing were to tap only 2 percent, to capture only two percent of the world’s manufacturing economy it will be over two hundred and ten billion annually, so that’s where we think it’s going.

Question 4: Will we see you at Inside 3D Printing in  New York in a few weeks?

Answer 4: I will be in New York, and I’m excited about it. there is no place like New York City. Yeah I will be there joined with many people from the investment community, startup companies, young makers, do it yourselfers, veterans as well in this industry and many others.