3DMT Launches a New Proprietary Instant Online Quote Service for AM Services

The new online quote system automates the entire process and, according to 3DMT, will offer immediate pricing for additive manufacturing projects based on material selection, the post processing work needed and requested shipping and delivery options.

As the 3D printing division of advanced manufacturing services provider Arc Group Worldwide, 3D Material Technologies offers additive manufacturing options to clients all over the world. This proprietary system will now allow customers to obtain quick pricing and service options. Strategically it makes sense for Arc to create a modern quoting process and apply it to its 3D printing services as it nicely sets them apart from much of their competition.

3Dmt colorado facility 3d printing

“We have been developing our online instant quoting software since 2013, and are very excited to now formally announce its launch at 3DMT.” said Arc Group CEO Jason T Young. “Quoting has been, and continues to be a tremendous bottleneck in the manufacturing process. Analogous to the way e-commerce has revolutionized the consumer buyer experience, we believe our technology will drive a more efficient and seamless way to manufacture and order parts. Surprisingly, the bulk of manufacturing is still quoting and processed in a highly manual, antiquated, and slow fashion. We believe our new system is one of the best applications in the marketplace, and further aligns with our mission statement of bringing technology to traditional manufacturing.”

The new quote system allows customers to log into 3DMT and directly upload their 3D printing project or specifications. Based on the information or files that are provided, customers will be walked through materials selection and shown pricing for the various types of 3D printing and additive manufacturing services available for each project.

3dmt 3d printing“Automation, speed, and innovation are critical to our customers. Our proprietary online instant quoting and ordering system for 3D printing integrates features to make the process incredibly efficient and simple, while still providing a robust application,” explained 3DMT General Manager Ashley Nichols. “Combining features such as instant quoting with the ability to select the particular process empowers the user to balance development costs and timing with part function.”

Arc Group Worldwide plans to eventually roll the online quote system out to every arm of its business, including subtractive manufacturing, injection molding, metal stamping and wireless technologies. The custom designed in-house system will also act as a data hub, so projects that require more than one of Arc’s services will have all project data stored in one place, ensuring up to date information is used by everyone involved with the project.

Essentially the quote system is just a beta at this point, but Arc said that it will soon launch new functionalities including part ordering, file management and access to all of the manufacturing services that Arc offers.