How 3D Printing Can Solve 7 Super Annoying Everyday Problems

They say 3D printing is the solution to a million little problems. 3D model marketplace CGTrader just posted a list of thirteen solutions to some pretty small problems and kind of proved that statement correct. The solutions range from a clip to hold a spatula on your frying pan in place, wine glass charms, light switch key holders and chopstick holders for people who can’t figure out how to use them.

The list is called How 3D Printing Can Solve 13 Super Annoying Everyday Problems and it’s presented in straight up Buzzfeed style. So it’s pretty tongue in cheek and full of funny gifs. But I have a real and serious problem with the list, and I’m afraid that I just can’t let it go and I need to speak directly to CGTrader about it.

Thirteen? You guys made a list of thirteen solutions? I’m sorry, but I just can’t ignore that incredibly unlucky number. What’s wrong with you? Why didn’t you just make a list of twenty items so you had a nice even number??

what's wrong with you 3d printing

Nevermind though, I went ahead and did your job for you and found several more to make your list an even twenty. So without further ado, I present to you:

How 3d Printing Can Solve 7 Additional Super Annoying (Probably Just Specific to Me) Everyday Problems:

Problem: When you’re in a group argument and no one will listen to you.

3D printing always sunny

Solution: This whistle/ruler combo pen topper will cut through the chatter. And then, once you have everyone’s attention, you can use the ruler half to measure just how little you care about their opinions.

3D printed pencil top

Problem: Soap is slippery and all that is keeping it from sliding off  the little ledge in the shower is an impossibly tiny lip that is almost comically ineffective at holding your bar of soap in place, inevitably leading to a bar of hairy shower floor soap.

dropped soap 3D printing

Solution: This 3D printable soap holder will do a much better job of keeping your soap from falling into the hairy shower abyss.

3D printed soap holder

Problem: Those days when a certain someone in your life isn’t having a very good day doing the simplest of tasks.

soda_drop 3d printing

Solution, this handle for soda cans will makes sure your clumsy kid won’t go making a mess of little Jenny’s homework again. Seriously, you should get that kid checked out.

3d printed soda_can_holder

Problem: Your significant other always seems to misplace their wedding/commitment/promise/pleasure ring.

lord of the rings 3D printing

Solution: This ring holder will give them a perfect place to keep their precious One Ring when they remove it. And as a bonus it will remind them what an idiot they are for always losing it!

3D printed ring holder

Problem: The one friend in your group who has no sense of direction ends up driving.


Solution: No, this won’t help them figure out where to go, but it’s just the right size to throw at their head. I mean, seriously, why the hell did you let Dave drive anyway?

3D printed globes

Problem: When someone unapologetically cuts in line for the restroom at the movies and you drank a 44 gallon soda all by yourself:

parks and recreation 3D printing

Solution: These 3D printable acrylic knuckles can solve the problem really fast!

3D printed acryllic knuckles

(What? It’s only a paperweight? I’m sure they just cut in line because they are worried about their papers blowing away. I would never advocate violence in any way. But for reals, don’t cut in front of me, I have paperweights and I will hold your stack of papers down so hard.)

Problem: People keep cutting themselves on my knives when they reach into my silverware drawer but I have no counter space to store knives.

kill bill 3d printing

Solution: Fine, I’ll hang them up, but I resent having to do this because you can’t look in a drawer before you stick your future stump in there. And seriously, the limbs are mine now.


3D printed knifeholder

Well there you go, an even twenty. You’re welcome CGTrader. And for the rest of you, you can find all of the great models that I posted by following the individual links, or just visit CGTrader and look for solutions to your own damn problems. Seriously, don’t make me go find solutions for your crap too, haven’t I done enough?