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Area learning in Google Tango

Google Tango is finally here and it promises to change the world we live in, or at least map it. It’s the 3D scanning project to end all 3D scanning projects, as potentially every single phone on the planet could contribute to a G [...]

Panasonic scanning booth makes dancers of us all

Panasonic introduced its 3D Scanning Booth at the opening night of ‘Kabuki Lion: The Adventures of the Mythical Lion’ at the David Copperfield Theater at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas on May 3rd. The Japanese manufacturer is on [...]

Virtual curation can democratise archaeology

There are millions of people around the world who would love close up and personal access to the greatest moments in history. Alas, the world simply doesn’t work like that. If we could grant everybody access to ancient relics, tho [...]

Ohio awards Kent State University $510,000 grant to support careers in 3D printing and telemedicine

Students at the Kent State University in Ohio will benefit from a generous $510,000 grant awarded from the State and the Department of Higher Education, which is designed to increase knowledge of telemedicine and additive manufact [...]

Hot Off the Presses: Manufacturing Embraces 3D Printing

According to technology research giant, Gartner, the compound annual growth rate of 3D printing is set to exceed 106% and $13.8B by 2018. This is quite an impressive number for a technology that still seems a little like science f [...]

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Material science and 3D printing methods explained

In the world of 3D printing, materials are everything and the science is getting more advanced by the day. The days where we just tried to replicate traditional manufacturing options are long gone. Now we are playing to the streng [...]

Singapore launches centre of excellence

The National Research Foundation in Singapore has committed $42 million to a 3D Printing Centre. Singapore is already considered the Far Eastern capital of additive printing. This centre of excellence expand its reach on a local a [...]

Breakthrough: 3D Print metal with no support.

Researchers at Harvard University have come up with an exciting new method of 3D printing that effectively allows them to produce complex shapes in mid-air with no supporting structure. Laser assisted direct ink writing really cou [...]

New bioglass could change knee surgery

A new material could save people the agonising pain of knew replacement surgery with a new biomaterial that actually encourages regrowth of degraded cartilage. A bio-glass has been discovered that mimics the properties of cartilag [...]

Innovate UK launches funding competition

Innovate UK has launched a £15 million ($22 million) funding competition and has invited companies involved in advanced materials to apply before the deadline of July 6 2016. 3D printing is not included in this first competition, [...]