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As current electronics are easily breakable, researchers are looking to develop a way to make them more flexible, and intuitive. With 3D printing, one project from the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) at MI [...]

Research from the George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) in Atlanta, demonstrates a method combining 3D printing with salt leaching to produce porous materials. Materi [...]

Researchers in Italy and Poland demonstrate a mathematical approach to predicting the structure of 3D printed elastic structures. By practically realizing elastic theory, the study opens up the potential of 3D printed metamaterial [...]

According to the UK's Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), control is the key factor for the implementation of additive manufacturing in an industrial setting. Speaking at today's Additive World conference, in which 3D Printing [...]

Research from the FEM Research Institute for Precious Metals and Metals Chemistry in Germany demonstrates a method of selective laser melting (SLM) in gold. The method could give more design freedom to 3D printed jewelry, watches, [...]

A study produced by four research institutions in Brazil combines two 3D printable polymers into structures ideal for cell-growth. Known as cell scaffolds, these structures are used in regenerative medicine; i.e. repairing the dam [...]

Researchers from Washington State University have successfully 3D printed structures resembling the intricate framework of natural materials. Their process has allowed them to create small structures with impressive strength to we [...]

Researchers at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech) have developed a method for inkjet 3D printing in color. The method creates a 4 color mix capable of achieving the same 300 pixel per inch resol [...]

New research has been published on an innovative new application of metal additive manufacturing. The study was undertaken by researchers at Peter the Great St. Petersburg University (SPbPU) and Delft University of Technology (TU [...]

Collaborative research from the UK's Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Chester, and Central South University in China, demonstrates the use of graphene based PLA to make energy storage devices. The study proves [...]