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3D scanning, modelling and printing has long been a great helper in archaeology. We're reported how it is used to determine the death of Lucy, an ancient human fossil specimen found in Ethiopia in 1974. Recently, scientists from t [...]

UK based LPW Technology have opened a new research and development facility in the internationally recognised Daresbury Laboratory in Cheshire, UK. LPW is a market leader in the development of metal powder degradation and manufact [...]

The voestalpine Group is expanding from traditional steel manufacturer to innovator, with the opening of a new research and development facility in Düsseldorf. The voestalpine Additive Manufacturing Center will centralize all the [...]

Our 3D Printing Industry team recent reported on a young girl who discovered and then 3D printed a replica of an ancient skull. Now, a recent discovery found that the famous fossilized human ancestor dubbed “Lucy” probably died fr [...]

Digital scanning has been a particularly useful tool for many historic sites over years, as excavating them can often cause more damage than good, leaving a destroyed piece of history that no one can enjoy. The method of preservin [...]

Stanford University has found a way to use 3D scanning and printing to study rocks that we cannot possibly hold in our hands. Their research has been published in the journal, Science. It’s a relatively simple concept in truth, bu [...]

Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have produced a process that could finally master Focused Electron Beam Induced Deposition and drive nanoscale 3D printing forward. Their findings were publis [...]

Sadly, this isn't about Daft Punk and their mastery in electronic music, though I have to admit, actual robot rocks embedded with sensors are pretty innovative and interesting too. Interesting enough, in fact, to be awarded a 5 ye [...]

The National Science Foundation has backed researchers at the University of Pittsburgh with more than $500,000, which it will use to build a unique transmission electron microscope to monitor the formation of microstructures in 3D [...]

That's what a New Jersey college student did, and its making that usual hefty price tag feel all the more painful... One quick word of warning though, don't try this at home! To give a little context on what kind of orthodontic ca [...]