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Research, funded in part by the Danish Council for Independent Research Technology and Production Sciences, takes inspiration from oyster and abalone shells for stronger materials. A combination of algorithm-based design and multi [...]

Researchers from Beijing have reported the use of 3D printing and injected liquid metal as a novel way to create functional electrical components. Citing the “fabrication freedom” that is enabled by 3D printing as a manufacturing [...]

New research from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at McGill University in Canada demonstrates how interlocking jigsaw shapes can strengthen 3D printable materials. The material focus is on brittle polymers such as ABS. Th [...]

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) has announced they have successfully 3D printed aerospace grade carbon fiber composites. Their research was published in the Scientific Reports journal and the authors believe the proc [...]

Researchers Benjamin Lehner, Dominik Schmieden, and Anne S. Meyer from the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands, have co-authored a paper exploring an inexpensive method of 3D printing bacteria. The researc [...]

Research from the Interact Lab at the UK’s University of Sussex uses 3D printed bricks to simplify the way sound is manipulated. In making the technology more practical, the research enhances ultrasonic capabilities for medical tr [...]

Researchers from the University of Colorado present an alternative method of adding color to 3D prints. Rather than using dyes or pigments a new paper published in the academic journal ACS Nano describes how by “synthetically cont [...]

Research from the University of Greifswald, Germany, uses quinine, a substance found in tonic water also used to treat malaria, to study 3D printer filaments for their ability to gradually release drugs into the body. The idea is [...]

Professor Jennifer Lewis and her group in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University, are behind some of the biggest stories in the 3D printing industry. In 2016 alone Lewis et al., in collaboration with [...]

SLA 3D printing is fast and produces objects at a high-resolution, making it an increasingly useful tool for dental, medical and jewelry applications. Once the 3D design is printed, parts are detached from the build platform and m [...]