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New research from California's Naval Postgraduate School explores the use of 3D printing to develop glider delivery systems for the U.S. Marines. The designs are proposed as an alternative to current parachute drop techniques or t [...]

A miniature camera made by a team of optical researchers and physicists in Germany uses four 3D printed lenses to mimic the way our eyes, and those of predators, capture light. Occupying a space of only 300 μm × 300 μm (the approx [...]

The University of Connecticut has created a hydrogel suitable for supporting 3D printed bones. Without such support the bone cells would not be able to hold a form and would perish when exposed to an uncontrolled environment. The [...]

A publication in Nature from the Micro & Nanotechnology Laboratory and Department of Mechanical Science & Engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign gives instructions on how to 3D print, mold and seed movi [...]

New research from the University of Texas looks at liquid metal and the findings have interesting applications for metal additive manufacturing. The study focuses on, "splat morphology." Splat morphology refers to the "study of th [...]

Researchers from South Korea's Hanyang University have used 3D printing to create bespoke horn antenna. The proposed antenna have particular application in electromagnetic wave research. In order to create the device, the team use [...]

New research from UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology) has developed an approach using stem cells that, when 3D printed, could help the growth of bones. 3D printing these stem cells with red-light absorbing c [...]

Researchers at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) have developed a viable bioink for 3D printed pills. As seen at the 3D Medical Expo in Maastricht, 3D printed pharmaceuticals are a relatively new venture but belie [...]

New research from Purdue University looks at the use of halftoning to improve the surface quality and color of 3D printing. 3D printing in full color is seen by some as one of the final obstacles facing technology. This new paper [...]

Researchers at MIT have used 3D printing to create a new hydrogel device that can catch and release live fish. The transparent gel robots can perform a number of tasks involving forceful movements such as a grabbing and releasing. [...]