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Although it was perhaps not as explosive as last year - when 3D Systems led the industry with 24 new system announcements, Voxeljet had just gone public and media hype was nearing the top of the enthusiasm curve - I think this yea [...]

I had a full morning of scheduled appointments lined up for the second day of Euromold. Going against all my instincts, instincts that in a nutshell can be condensed to “just wing it,” I agreed to fixed times and places to meet wi [...]

When it comes to the first day of Euromold, manic doesn’t quite cover it. For any member of the 3D printing press, and we’re a growing breed, Euromold — held annually in Frankfurt, Germany at the end of the calendar year for anyon [...]

There are many reasons why Israel offers an ideal landscape for the evolution of 3D printing: it is a promised land for start-ups and tech companies; it does not have many large manufacturing companies on its territory and it is ( [...]

It's been a while in the making, but on the morning of 10th November, the AIO ZEUS arrived in our office. AIO Robotics had launched this 3D multifunction device back in October last year on Kickstarter. Unlike other Kickstarter pr [...]

I’ve been to many of the largest cities around the world, but I can honestly say that I’ve never been in a city quite like Shanghai!  Mind-bogglingly big, mind bogglingly beautiful and complex…and infinitely interesting.  With its [...]

Make Magazine has released its most recent issue of their "Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing" and I, for one, am I excited about it! Excited enough that I asked my wife for a .pdf as a stocking stuffer this X-Mas. In it, they review 2 [...]

There was so much happening at today’s Inside 3D Printing Santa Clara event that it’s still a little overwhelming trying to parse it down into a single column. I could probably write a novella if I had enough time. With a day that [...]

Don’t let yourself be fooled by appearances, while 3D Systems’s new Cube Pro looks elegant and stylish like an iPhone, it is a tough machine built for rapid prototyping and engineering of small and medium size mechanical component [...]

Travelling down the M6 early on Tuesday morning, heading to the NEC in England’s central belt for the annual TCT Show and I found myself a little jittery. As I tried to rationalise, I decided it was likely the lingering feelings o [...]