Zortrax opens up its Model Library to Every User

In September 2015, Zortrax launched its 3D Model Library available exclusively to its customers as part of the Z-SUITE software.. The leading Polish manufacturer decided today to make it available to anyone. From now on, any users will have unlimited and free access to all the models directly from the Zortrax website. The online Zortrax Library is now available via both computers and mobile devices so that anyone can view the models anywhere, anytime.

With this move, Zortrax is joining other leading 3D model platforms where designers can share their beautiful creations, such as Thingiverse and MyMiniFactory.

Zortrax Library

Zortrax’s new library is more than just a collection of beautiful objects. It will have some great social media features. User will be able to log in with their Facebook account and share their favorite projects on their Facebook account. People will be able to comment on the models, rate them and even edit them. This feature should be very handy. Users will be able to follow their favorite designers. Navigation among the beautiful designs is being made possible with the search tool, the categories and the filters. To help users getting the best from the available models, 3D Designers have the possibilities to add detailed information on their specific model, such as the recommended material to print on and tips to 3D Print the products. Users will also be able to comment on the models. In this way the open platform will encourage collaboration with the best designers and the makers.

Zortrax Modular Arm and Superhero Mask stand out

Among the many models available, the Modular Arm and Superhero mask are really outstanding creations.

The Modular Arm model is a prototype of an arm in natural proportions. It was 3D printed using Zortrax M200 and assembled using screws. No gluing needed. The fingers and the wrist is movable so the prototype is very much like the actual human hand. The accurate adjustment of parts allows you to easily move particular elements. The Modular Arm model is perfect for educational application.

I’m sure that makers will have great fun making them with their M200 Zortrax 3D Printer.

Zortrax Mask

Several talented designers have already shared their objects, including Joe Bowers, NIXA, Craig Barr and Samuel Bernier. Samuel is quite a popular French designer, at 3DPrintingIndustry we’ve shown how much we enjoy his work!

As good news never comes alone, Zortrax is celebrating the opening of the model library with a fantastic offer. Anyone who buys 4 Z-Ultrat filaments, will receive a free Z-ABS. And for the ones who still don’t have a Zortrax 3D Printer Zortrax is offering a 10% discount for anyone with the code 10%M200 on the Zortrax online store.