VEEMEE’s Virtual 3D Printer App at PlayStation®Home

VEEMEE, a digital marketing / content dev agency specializing in the gaming system / portable device sector, is betting on 3D printing to be the missing link between the physical and digital worlds. Their Darwin-esque take on the matter involves a virtual ‘SLS-tech 3D printer’ – simply carrying the company’s name – which is a machine made of bits, an app of sorts sold exclusively at the PlayStation®Home community, an online world of customizable avatars with their modifiable living spaces.

The basic idea of the VEEMEE 3D printer app is clear – to commit Home users to keep coming back to the online community to see if they have received any virtual gifts from others and to send them back – it’s all instantaneous. However, the users can’t just “print out” anything, as the selection is still limited, and one assumes will be further developed based on the community members’ reception.

VEEMEE 3D printer seems like an app deserving its place at Home, where it can potentially serve quite a few purposes – a way to further commit users to the PlayStation®Home community, as a brand and image building tool for VEEMEE, but also as a virtual, low barrier introduction to the concept of 3D printing in general. Whether or not this approach will gain more traction in this sector can’t yet be determined – the app’s been live for less than a week – but judging by the first feedback VEEMEE might be on to something.

Source: VEEMEE