Update: Ultimaker Unveils Ultimaker2 Extended and Go at CES

As a norm, we do not usually write up articles on teaser videos on news that will be announced within hours. For Ultimaker, this time we have to make an exception. The Dutch company just released a fairly explicit teaser trailer with an Ultimaker 2 sided by a larger and a smaller machine.

Given the high portability of an Ultimaker 2 it seems safe to say that the smaller system will be a truly “mobile” 3D printer, while a larger system boasting the same reliability and print quality is certain to be a game changer at a semi-professional and even professional level.


It is unlikely that these will be the only news announcements coming from Ultimaker’s participation at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week. One thing we know for sure is that the company feels the moment is important enough to completely redesign its website, which currently offers limited access to the Shop and Forum. Guess we will have to wait a few more hours to fully find out what that is all about.

Editor’s Update 1/5/14: Ultimaker has, according to zdnet, unveiled its two new desktop 3D printer models at International CES 2015 in Las Vegas.  As their teaser video promised, those two printers would be larger and smaller than the Ultimaker 2.

The UltimakerUltimaker 2 Family of 3D Printers at CES2 Extended is a larger desktop 3D printer with a build volume of about 4 inches larger than the previous iteration. capable of printing items up to about 10 inches tall. The Ultimaker2 Extended has a price tag of $3030, about $500 more than the original. The smaller version is the Ultimaker2 Go, a mini 3D printer that competes against other smaller machines, like the MakerBot Mini.  With a price tag of $1450, the Go is meant to be portable. Both will be available for pre-order in April 2015.

Editor’s Update 1/6/14: Ultimaker has officially announced their two printers, the Ultimaker2 Go and Ultimaker2 Extended.  They haven’t given too many details about them, other than the fact that the Extended can print at speeds of up to  300mm/s, with a 0.02mm layer resolution and that the Go does not have a heated bed.  They’ve also published the following video, to give you a better look at the printers.

The printers will be available to order from March and April of this year.