Towards 3D Printed Solar Energy & Outdoor Lighting with LUXeXceL

lux_glassesNetherlands headquartered LUXeXceL Group is a service that 3D prints optics for products requiring thevery highest standards in transparency. Established in 2009 the company is currently the only 3D printing service for optical components. It was LUXeXceL that produced the first fully functional pair of 3D printed glasses.

The company has received considerable accolades, such as the 2012 Enabling Technology Award for its Printoptical Technology from Frost & Sullivan who concluded that: “Printoptical technology has the potential to become a standard in the near future. Now, LUXeXceL has announced that its Printed Optics are now also available for outdoor applications.

LUXeXceL has announced the introduction of an outdoor coating, applied as a finishing process to the LUX Standard material. The outdoor finishing makes it possible to use 3D printed optical parts in an outdoor environment. The coating protects against the ultra-violent influence of sunlightand rapid temperature changes.

Richard van de Vrie, Founder and CEO of LUXeXceL said: “We are very happy to open up our service to the outdoor markets. 3D printed optics are already being used for many indoor applications and our customers asked us to develop a process that allows them to benefit from our unique Printoptical Technology to create custom optical components for the outdoor markets as well.

The finishing will be of utility in applications ranging from the solar energy market to the outdoor lighting market. The outdoor finishing can be applied to the LUX Standard material and must be selected during the order process.

The process is developed to fit within the current shipping time of ten working days and is guaranteed for at least three years.