The Push to Get Consumers Creating

This month sees new start up, 3D Creation Systems, in collaboration with Autodesk, initiate sponsorship of a year-long, global design challenge on the DIY website, Instructables.com, which is arguably one of the most collaborative communities on the web. The challenge will consist of twelve custom competitions that will be promoted on Instructables and hosted on Autodesk’s 123D. The premise is that each month, community members will be invited to participate by downloading design templates for simple objects that they can then customize and make their own. Winners of each competition will get their design printed by 3D Creation Systems and receive a voucher for 3D printing services. In line with this, the Instructables team are primed to produce 12 editorial videos to showcase the design customization in a step-by-step format to encourage more people — particularly those that may not otherwise — to get involved and join in.

So, there are a couple to set you off —  one is centred around customized flash drives and another on a customized money clip. These are nice ideas actually. Not too complex, fun, and, really quite useful. It’s not about high-end design – it’s about getting involved and trying new things.

Money Clip 3D Creation Systems Autodesk Instructables Challenge

Matt Bondy of the Autodesk Consumer Group, commented: “The partnership between 3D Creation Systems and the Autodesk Consumer Group reinforces the emergence of 3D design in the consumer space. Technology is more accessible than ever before, making it an incredibly exciting time for our industry. We are at the beginning of a desktop manufacturing revolution that’s being driven by companies like 3D Creation Systems, where a precise and efficient approach to the process delivers 3D production and design to the creative masses.”

Take a look and see if this is something you could do. But let us at 3DPI know if you are not ready yet, and why. That is just as valid a standpoint.