Reify Officially Debuts the Solus DLP 3D Printer

The SolusDLP is unleashed! We have reported on the Reify project before, and, now, the announcement has finally breached and the rest of the 3DP world can test for itself the ability of the high-resolution, DLP stereolithography printer. One of the featured characteristics boasted by the Solus is its groundbreaking peeling technology, which hopes to effectively eliminate the need for replacing or re-coating the resin tank. With this new feature, Reify sees a future involved in industries expecting prints with high-quality micro-resolution.

solus DLP 3d printing gears

Over the last two years, Reify has been in the lab perfecting their product as the answer to print quality reduction due to poor peeling durability. By tapping experts in the semiconductor and flat-panel industries, they found a material and peeling method that solved problems borne by bottom-up SLA printers. By using a high-strength, low-surface energy film with a patent-pending TUF tilt peeling technology, Solus reached a new level of dependability, while maintaining optimal light transmission for highly detailed prints.

Dune Queen Dennis Harroun Solus
Dune Queen by Dennis Harroun

Solus presents an innovative form and is designed to stand the test of time. Its thick frame, lazer-cut anodized aluminum and high quality stainless steel, holds a Z-axis motor with an integrated lead screw and a professional quality anti-backlash nut. These components offer layer consistency and a Z-resolution down to 1 micron. The startup, founded by Mark Kuhnlein – based in Hsinchu, Taiwan – operates out of a science park renowned for semiconductor and flat-panel manufacturers. Therefore, the production of Solus has the perfect home.

solus DLP 3d printing Stem Cell Scaffold
Stem Cell Scaffold

Reify will look to utilize Solus in various industries with an emphasis on the medical and jewelry fields. With its extendable legs, Solus can be paired with a variety of DLP projectors, from SVGA to HD resolutions, in tune with an user’s budget. With an XY resolution reach as low as 25 microns and print features under 100 microns in size, the Solus seems apt for detailed jewelry and medical research.

While the first wave of printers at $999 are long gone, there are some models left at the $1099 and $1199 price range. Even at those prices, this may be a bargain.

Solus DLP 3D printer reify