Printify: a Free 3D Printing Service and eCommerce Marketplace

The new Printify platform provides 3D printing companies and individual 3D printer owners a way to offer their services to interested customers easily and with little hassle. The service allows small businesses worldwide to take orders and payments for 3D printing services online, without requiring expensive or complicated e-commerce software.

printify 3d printing

The service is completely free for customers, but 3D printer owners only need to pay 10% of the charged service fee. Printify says that there are no other fees and, once a business registers, they have full access to the service. Businesses can accept payment via PayPal, bank transfer or if the customer is local they can accept payment in person.

Customers looking for a local or experienced 3D printing company simply need to register for an account and then upload the STL file that needs to be 3D printed. Once Printify visualizes the model and confirms that it can be printed, the printing parameters simply need to be set. 3D printing service providers can be filtered based on price, technology, proximity, materials, color and even the types of 3D printing axis.

printify 3d printing upload

After a provider has been selected, the order just needs to be finalized and placed online. The company will confirm the price, material and printing options before payment. This service is completely free to customers, the only fees that are paid will be a 10% fee collected from the 3D printing service provider based on the cost of the service selected. Shipping costs or pick-up options can also be handled online.

The service isn’t just for 3D printing businesses, however; anyone who owns a 3D printer can register their machine and its capabilities to offer printing services. Just create your account on Printify, submit the registration form and, once the account has been verified, you can complete your profile. After you set your printer type, shipping options and select your currency options, you’re ready to start offering your services.

While there is no shortage of services that can connect users to 3D printers, they often include fees and commissions for service providers and customers alike. Printify’s flat 10% commission rate is pretty attractive, as is the ability to not have to worry about any of the pricing or estimates. You can find out more about the service on Printify’s website.