Manchester-based 3D Printing Studio Offering 3D Printed Models of Old Trafford and the Etihad in MEN Competition

Hobs 3D is a new venture from the Hobs Group of Companies, the largest independently owned reprographics orgnanisation in the UK with six branches in London and 22 more across the rest of the country. With more than 40 years experience in the Architectural, Construction, Engineering and Design markets the team has a specific focus on innovation and creativity. 3D printing has been an important tool in the Hobs arsenal, but as the significance of it has grown, the company has looked to reflect this and has just opened its new Hobs 3D studio in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, with a similar set up due to open in London later this month.

Offering a 3D printing and 3D scanning service to local businesses, Hobs 3D believes it is responding to business demands in the area and has already fulfilled a high profile project, which involved producing a scale model of the Co-Operative Development near to Victoria Station, which was seen by the Queen during her visit to Manchester last month.

However to celebrate the opening of the Manchester 3D printing & scanning hub, Hobs 3D has printed two one-off models of Old Trafford and the Etihad Stadium, the city’s two beloved football grounds. These models, measuring 250 mm wide and 75 mm high models are quoted as having a value of around £1,000 each.

Each of the unique replica models, printed in high resolution detail on an SLS machine, are being put up as prizes in a competition being conducted by the Manchester Evening News.

Details on how to enter the competitions, which close on 12th January, are specified in the link above, just don’t take the details of the report too seriously, most notably the “first in the country” or the “dipping in glue” bits!

Source & Image Credit: Manchester Evening News