MakerBot Crowns Ghostly Vinyl 3D Printing Challenge Winners

Back in November, MakerBot held a contest for the Thingiverse designer who created the best vinyl-themed design that incorporated record label and design studio Ghostly International’s logo on it. The MakerBot Ghostly Challenge was to select three winners based on creativity and printability, each receiving spools of filament and a featured spot on Thingiverse for their design. MakerBot also gave the first place winner a MakerBot Mini and the entire 2014 Ghostly catalogue.

makerbot 3d printing contest ghostly music entries

The first place prize went to Thingiverse user Oana’s amazing Hand Cranked Vinyl Player design that I wrote about back in December. The design is still really cool and one of the most creative 3D models that I’ve ever seen. Oana has been working on a second version of the record player and says that she should be releasing it at the end of the month. Personally, I can’t wait to see how she improves the design. For winning, she receives the complete Ghostly catalogue and the MakerBot Mini, in addition to three spools of filament.

3d printed handcrank_turntable

The second place winner was a really cool storage box shaped like the head of a record player needle. Thingiverse user M600 created a model that he calls DeskSHELL – The appealing little box for audio enthusiasm. While the name may leave a bit to be desired, I can say that his adorable design is certainly very appealing. He says that it can be used to store just about anything, a spare head, jack adaptor, or things that aren’t specific to your turntable. He even suggests printing several boxes to separately store fragile or delicate equipment and components in. As the second place winner, M600 received two spools of 3D printing filament.

3d printable mini_storage_box

The third place winner was this cute Ghostly themed iPhone dock and parametric speaker. The iPhone dock is a perfect place to set up your phone in comfort and amplify its sound so that you don’t need to purchase expensive dock and speaker units, that can sometimes cost over a hundred dollars. Granted, the sound isn’t going to be as good, but if you’re just looking for a dock and speaker set that you can easily take with you and won’t cost any money, this design by Thingiverse user aleccs is a great option. His prize for taking the bronze was a spool of filament.

iphone_speaker cad 3d printable

The MakerBot Ghostly Challenge received over 200 entries, and after browsing through them I can’t imagine how hard it was for the judges to pick just three winners. You can find the winners and see all of the entries over on Thingiverse, and you can find out more about Ghostly International and their catalogue of music on their website.