Le FabShop Introduces A New, Seaweed-based 3D Printing Filament Material at The 3D Printshow in Paris Today

A unique and new Seaweed Filament (SWF) for 3D printing will get its worldwide premier today at the 3D Printshow in Paris. Developed in collaboration between Le FabShop and Algopack, the SWF is an eco-friendly 3D printing solution made possible with this new innovative and natural material, manufactured using seaweed from the Brittany region of France.

There have been a number of different raw materials introduced to the 3D printing market over recent years as the processes have developed and applications expanded including paper, wax, sugar, and even wood. But for the first time, makers looking to source a truly eco-friendly and responsible filament material option for their 3D printers can consider seaweed. Announced for the first time today in Paris, demo parts will be available for viewing at the 3D Printshow at Le Louvre Carrousel  venue during today and tomorrow. Le FabShop, who will be selling and distributing the material expects shipping to being in Springs of next year.

Bertier Luyt, Founder and CEO of Le FabShop hinted to me at Euromold last year that this was in the offing — and a 12-month collaboration with Algopack has seen the SWF material come to fruition. I’m looking forward to seeing parts for myself at the upcoming Euromold exhibition, as, unfortunately, I am not in Paris today!

Bertier told me: “During the development process of SWF, our ambition was to further revolutionize 3D printing, which is already a revolution by itself. Most new technologies take years to become environmentally friendly. We wanted to fast-track the 3D printing industry towards becoming cleaner. Seaweed seemed like the ideal raw ingredient to work with. Contrary to corn or other land-based crops, seaweed does not need man-handled water to grow and there is no fertilizer or other chemical involved. We harvest this naturally-grown plant in the ocean to design a specific plastic formula to comply with 3D printers.”

There are no specific prices or specs at this point, but once the launch is out of the way and the Paris show is over, I’ll catch up with Bertier again for a a further update.