Amazon’s New 3D Printing Store

Did you ever have a small band that you loved?

You followed and consumed everything they did?

You and 11 other people?

Then they had a huge mega-hit and became a world-wide phenomenon and instead of just being your secret, they belonged to everyone, and you felt sad…

Well guys, guess what? It’s happening again. Your favourite secret 3D hobby just went big-time.

In a clear indication of the consumer growth of 3D printing as a whole, the online retail monster that is Amazon, has added a well stocked 3D Printing & Supplies section to its sprawling site, selling 3D printers & consumables, books and software.

Up to now the biggest online retailer selling 3D print products was Staples, selling 3D Systems Cube device and consumables. Amazon though, has gone a different route offering products from a variety of suppliers, including products from Makerbot, Afinia, 3D Systems and even the hobbyist’s favourite, LulzBot.

Amazon 3D Printing

Obviously Amazon’s efforts in the 3D print arena have only just begun, but with the huge retail influence they swing, not only should existing retailers see greater traction in the marketplace but new companies will have a new global shopfront for their products.

Check out Amazon’s 3D printer and supplies store here.