3DS and the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers Announce Successful Future New Contest

The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers – a non-profit behind the prestigious 90 year old Scholastic Art & Writing Awards – have announced this year’s winners in the Future Now contest, courtesy of the Alliance organization and 3D Systems, who were also a part of the team behind the challenge.

The contest surrounded the writers’ visions of the future and how creativity and innovation could be displayed in the times ahead. More specifically it was about asking “students to produce boundary-breaking creations that are conceptually or socially-driven and incorporate new materials and technologies as tools for innovation”, making 3D printing one of the most natural and easily recognizable ways to approach the challenge – especially as the key evaluation criteria were originality, technical skills and the emergence of the creator’s own voice.

3D Systems’ Avi Reichental has high hopes of the generation currently enrolled in universities around the US: “We are thrilled to partner with the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers to recognize our best and brightest art and literature students. We remain committed to inspire youth to create the ‘Future New,’ and look forward to seeing how America’s young talent rises to this challenge, as we ignite in students the passion to master tomorrow’s competitive skills today.”

All the recognized entrants are: Amy Chen, Brianna Leatherbury, Ana Montesdeoca, Martin Schneider, Charlotte Hintz, Elbert Han, Andrew Van Buren, Gabrielle Ochoa and Madalin Beavers. Congratulations to each one from 3DPI as well!

Source: 3DS