3DPI.TV – Custom 3D Printed Surf Board

LA-based studio Karten Design has paid tribute to California’s surfing scene with a stunning piece of laser-sintered artwork. The artwork will be a part of A plus D Architecture and Design Museum – at Los Angeles‘s annual gala and fundraiser, this year titled “CELEBRATE: GROUNDSWELL.”

To meet the gala’s 2014 sun-‘n’-surf theme, Karten Design has created “Endless Sinter”, a custom built, 3D printed surf board. Playing off the title of the classic 60s documentary about surfing and the process by which it is made, Endless Sinter has a uniquely hollow frame made up of overlapping concentric rings. The resulting pattern echoes the swells formed when the Northern and Southern Pacific meet, leading to the perfect surfing conditions. From nose to tail of the single-fin board, a thin strip of dark walnut adds a stark contrast to the lightness of the board itself.

The board was manufactured in partnership with SciCon Technologies in Valencia, California using selective laser sintering technology. Without 3D printing, it would have been almost impossible to create Endless Sinter by hand carving methods. Though it is obviously not meant to be surfed on or with, one cannot help but wonder if it would function.