3DPI.TV – Buy a 3D House Printer for €12,000

After all of the news surrounding 3D printed houses you might consider printing your next home.  But for that you’ll need a house printer.  Slovenian business BetAbram wants to be the first to sell 3D house printers themselves.

The company has built gantries for three different machines.  Having already finished the software for their first and smallest unit, the P3 concrete printer, BetAbram plans to begin taking orders for the 2m by 3m by 4m machine in the next few months.  Though the z-axes of all the machines are limited to 2m, the company assures the public that, once a floor is completed, the machines can be raised onto the next level and continue printing. The approximate price for this potentially wonderful printer is between €12,000 and €16,000.

BetAbram is still putting the finishing touches on its P2 and P1 machines, but have said that the P2 printer will measure 2m by 12m by 6m and will be sold for around €20,000 and the P1 will measure 2m by 16m by 9m and will be sold for around €32,000.

As of today, progress is difficult to determine in terms of printing structures, as the company has released any footage or images of actual 3D printed houses. It’s possible that they are hoping an architecture or construction firm with disposable income will buy one regardless of the output, knowing that they’re paying for an experimental piece of technology. After said first purchase, hopefully we’ll be able to report back to you with some more news of 3D printed buildings.