3D Printing Advisers NuFaktory Gains an Impressive New Principal

3D printing and digital manufacturing company nuFaktory LLC announced that they have added the former President & CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), Jerry Jasinowski, to their short list of principals. Jasinowski brings with him a wealth of knowledge of the manufacturing and fabrication industries, as well as years of business strategy planning.

nuFaktory helps companies expand their businesses by advising on the implementation of new, cutting-edge technologies and work processes. With a focus on additive manufacturing and the rapidly expanding world of digital manufacturing, nuFaktory has stated that it is their mission to revitalize the manufacturing sector in the United States.


“I and my colleagues are very excited over our relationship with Jerry. [His] impeccable credentials and exceptional vision will help direct our business plan within the marketplace, offering immense capabilities to our clients in their adoption of customized digital manufacturing solutions on a pervasive and dynamic scale,” explained nuFaktory’s Co-Founder and Managing Principal Rudy N. Vogel. “With his years of solid C-Level counsel and direction, Jerry brings invaluable guidance, insight and strategy to our clients. With his deep understanding of how manufacturers operate and insight into the challenges & opportunities ahead for them, Jerry offers clients a broad canvas of trends, strategy and advice that can help them embrace new manufacturing technologies and applications, yielding efficiencies and bold new opportunities now and well into the future.”

Jasinowski has spent fourteen years as the President & CEO of the largest trade association in the US, the National Association of Manufacturers, and founded NAM’s national repository of manufacturing knowledge and expertise, The Manufacturing Institute. He is also a successful business author, lecturer, and serves as a regular contributing manufacturing expert to CNBC, CNN, and Fox News. He also has a regular Huffington Post column focusing on business and manufacturing trends in the country, and the rest of the world.

“I am quite pleased to join the dynamic team at nuFaktory. They have proven to be a unique weave of expertise and deep knowledge of digital manufacturing technologies and new business models within the digital space,” said Mr. Jasinowski of joining the rapidly expanding company. “I am confident that manufacturers and Web 3.0 companies will benefit immensely from our blend of robust applications and service offerings. I am excited to work with the team at nuFaktory, sharing a common vision of revitalizing the US manufacturing base through the use of new technologies, both additive and digital.”

The principals at nuFaktory are already rather impressive on their own, boasting some of the brightest business and manufacturing minds in the industry. Jasinowski brings with him not only a wealth of industry knowledge, but as a former Carter Administration Assistant Secretary for Policy at the US Department of Commerce and a Senior Research Economist for the Joint Economic Committee for the US Congress, he carries valuable knowledge of working with elected officials. As Congress and the President both start to make advanced manufacturing a priority, a mix of experience like Jasinowski’s is incredibly valuable and quite a feather in nuFaktory’s cap.