3D Printed Male Chastity Devices are Finally Here

As 3DPI’s (un)official and reluctant expert on 3D printed sex toys, marital aids and naked fun time devices and gadgets I won’t pretend that I wasn’t a little curious if someone had 3D printed themselves a male chastity device. Well it turns out that not only has someone done it, but they’ve beta tested it, and released several iterations of the device for sale. So now gentlemen, you can lock up your mighty mister to your hearts content with a device custom made — 3D printed — just for you.

3d printed sex toy X3_togetherIf you don’t know what a male chastity device is, well it’s sort of a bike lock for a penis. Why do you need a bike lock for a penis? Well, you probably don’t unless your neighborhood is currently experiencing a rash of penis thefts. But there is a fetish closely related to cuckolding – but not limited to the gender of participants – or dom/sub relationships where a male sub locks his genitals up in a device that restricts his arousal and the key to the lock is kept by his wife/partner/dom. The device is designed so the man can urinate freely, but there really isn’t much else to be done while wearing it except hope there is no accidental nudity in view while wearing it.

Over on the BecomeHerSlave blog – no nudity but probably still NSFW – Giles English writes about his female lead relationship in detail, and even publishes books on the subject. Many of his blog posts are about his multiple male chastity devices and his usage of them, so he’s probably what would be considered a bit of an expert. That is most likely why the designer of the device, Shapeways user Pedro69, asked him to test out a prototype of the KHD X3 Espresso.

khd_3d printed parts

“The KHD espresso range is the product of years of experience with… this kind of novelty item, a careful study of the relevant anatomy, and a professional knowledge of design. This isn’t a hobby project, it’s the future of these modern curios!” Explained Pedro on his products description. “Designed and tested by a fellow enthusiast, manufactured and shipped locally to you from a trustworthy source, espresso is robust and generously priced. It’s a small purchase you can make without having to negotiate budget with your partner or worry about your credit card.”

According to Giles the Espresso prototype was mostly perfect and any problems have most likely been worked out with the production version. He said that it was mostly comfortable to wear and easy to sleep in. He also said that he felt very secure in it and it had a very snug fit. And of course, the most important part, it seems to really work for him.

“Finally, being turned on while wearing the Espresso is a pretty wonderful sensation. Not only does it trap your penis as required, it also stays close to the body.” said Giles on his blog post. “There’s no comedy half-stiffy with the device clutching the end of your dick like an over ambitious snake trying to consume another snake.”

Pedro’s wang wrangler – not the official name, but it should be – is available for purchase from Shapeways and is 3D printed in nylon. While nylon does have a porous surface, it is not fully porous, making the device safe to wear and run through the dishwasher to keep clean. You can pick yours up for about $90 depending on the size that you need.

khd_red red 3d printed chastity And yes, this is from Shapeways, so you can get it in multiple colors. I know that personally, I like to match my socks to my shirt every day, so if I were buying a penis lock I would probably like to match those as well. It’s the little things that people tend to notice.

Uhm, for the record, by little things I didn’t mean… oh, nevermind.

ruler 3d printing

If you’re thinking of picking up your own KHD X3 Espresso, remember guys, don’t use “internet inches” when ordering. According to Giles an exact fit is necessary for the device to work properly. And according to Pedro, it is better to have a device that is too short than too long. Yes that sounds counter-intuitive for many reasons, but we’re not the experts here, Pedro is, so let’s take his word for it shall we?