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I was fortunate enough to interview Jemma Redmond of Ourobotics based in Ireland around a variety of subjects, the challenges facing the bioprinting market, hardware trends and potential future applications. Watch the introduction [...]

Work by MIT researchers may make drones, robots and self-driving cars both more affordable and also improve their performance. Successful commercialization of a new lidar-on-a-chip could bring the cost of improved 3D scanning with [...]

Manufacturing Day (MFG DAY) allows those with an interest or involved in manufacture to celebrate it and host events to do so. The official date for the date is October 7th, however, events can be organised for any day, making man [...]

The ExOne Co. (NASDAQ:XONE) report record financial results in their second quarter earnings. In a statement issued after the NASDAQ stock market closed on Tuesday, S. Kent Rockwell, CEO and Chairman, explained the 38% year on yea [...]

MakerBot has launched a flat out assault on the West Coast with an aggressive new marketing strategy. Does this mean that the company’s problems are behind it and we’re about to see the MakerBot revival? The Brooklyn company has s [...]

The 27th Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium kicks off in Austin, Texas on August 8th. The AT&T Conference Center at the University of Texas will host some of the finest minds in the 3D printing industry [...]

Investing in the stock market can be a risky business and an easy way to quickly lose a lot of money. However, the potential for returns in excess of those offered by more stable investments are an attractive proposition for many. [...]

I spoke to the manager of DARPA’s 3D printing program about how the Pentagon's technology incubator is using additive manufacturing. This week in Las Vegas the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) will host, “the worl [...]

The 3D printing market will continue its stratospheric rise and the market will expand by 25% each and every year until 2020, according to EY’s Global 3D Printing Report 2016. To compile the report, the company surveyed more than [...]

Shapeways and Panalpina have begun a partnership, which enables the two companies to work to expand their manufacturing capabilities across the globe. Panalpina is combining digital manufacturing and 3D printing with their Logisti [...]