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A new project shows how 3D imaging has many applications for helping people understand the world around them and can even be used to create an enhanced version of reality. The videogame and CGI film industries are frequently at th [...]

LiDAR is the ‘Light Detection and Ranging’ process used by autonomous vehicles to ‘see’ the road and objects around them. It creates digital images by reading the way light bounces off objects. These images can be recorded as poin [...]

Schools in Victoria, Australia are now using 3D printing to understand biology like never before. This application of additive manufacturing allows young students to visualize the basics of anatomy by via 3D printed replicas of sk [...]

When designing a new product, it's the details that appear seamless to daily life that are the most effective. Or, when preserving artefacts and art objects for future generations, it would be a disappointment to see the Venus De [...]

University of Massachusetts (UMASS) scientists are creating an updated version of Noah’s Ark using 3D scanning technology. In the ambitious plans announced by the University, the researchers demonstrate a device they have called t [...]

Recently launched video game Battlefield 1 has received rave reviews for it’s outstanding story, multiplayer game experience and overall production values. In particular, reviewers are impressed by game developer DICE’s achievemen [...]

Earlier this week, Thor3D unveiled their newest wireless product that can scan anything. The new 3D scanner, called "Drake", has interchangeable lenses, making it a very versatile scanner. It can basically scan anything of any siz [...]

So we've already heard about an adult who 3D printed a hand for a young boy, but what about a young boy who printed a hand for an adult? Calramon, his brother and his father Carlos have been working hard on a wide range of project [...]

Have you imagined to use 3D scanning on smartphones, tablets, and other platforms that are used on a daily basis? I do. And now it’s the time. New Orleans-based company Scandy has been working towards this since they started their [...]

Digital scanning has been a particularly useful tool for many historic sites over years, as excavating them can often cause more damage than good, leaving a destroyed piece of history that no one can enjoy. The method of preservin [...]