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Creality wages social media campaign to help users get the most from the new CR-Scan 01

The nominations for the 2021 3D Printing Industry Awards are now open. Who do you think should make the shortlists for this year’s show? Have your say now. 

Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Creality has gone all out to provide the adopters of its CR-Scan 01 3D scanner with all the support they need to fully-utilize their new system. 

Launched earlier this year, Creality’s latest scanner is designed to offer professional-grade features like multi-pose alignment and advanced color restoration, at a competitive price. To guide users on how best to take advantage of these cutting-edge capabilities, Creality has now released a series of software, hardware and FAQ social media guides, which help them get set up and scanning in no time at all. 

The premium edition of Creality's CR-Scan 01 being used to scan a pineapple.
Creality has launched a series of online guides and tutorials to support the adopters of its new CR-Scan 01. Image via Creality.

Advanced user-friendly scanning

Before getting stuck into the available walkthroughs and potential applications for Creality’s new 3D scanner, it’s also worth noting the device’s in-built accessibility features. Designed to be as easy-to-use as possible, the CR-Scan 01 packs an AI-alignment algorithm which finds items automatically, meaning that users don’t have to calibrate or mark target objects.

Likewise, identifying the ideal scanning conditions can be tricky for newcomers to the technology, thus Creality has fitted its device with smart-adjustable lighting, enabling users to realize non-full light scanning, even in low-lit environments. 

Given that capturing large or unusually-shaped items can also be challenging for those new to 3D scanning, the CR-Scan 01 has been designed for use in both handheld and turntable modes as well. In its handheld orientation, Creality’s scanner is said to be able to capture objects 1.5 times larger than other devices, while its turntable mode auto-acquires complete models in one sweep, and aligns multiple poses. 

Once adopters have finished scanning, the device’s accompanying CR Studio software does much of the post-processing legwork for them too. The program carries out everything from model fill and color repair, to substrate recognition and smooth denoising automatically, while users are able to perform non-destructive mesh simplification later if they choose to.

In its standard configuration, the CR-Scan 01 comes with a host unit, including a flash lamp, depth sensors and projector, although Creality does also market a premium edition, offering a turntable, panel and tripod for more advanced users. 

Creality’s support on socials

Since launching its new scanner, Creality has been on a social media offensive, as it aims to provide adopters with the best post-market support possible. On Facebook, the firm now runs an Official User Group and co-manages an Owners Group, in which CR-Scan 01 users can stay abreast of the system’s latest software updates, and help each other overcome common issues or share best practices. 

Already, the latter has helped its members solve issues ranging from prepping objects for capture, to combatting scan overlap and turntable lag, making the group a useful resource for all involved. Over on Youtube, Creality has also posted tutorials on the CR-Scan 01’s features and set up, as well as a CR Studio software guide, and clips designed to inspire users on what to scan and 3D print next. 

In one such video, one of Creality’s engineers provides a full service tutorial, running from installation and using the device’s turntable, all the way through to editing the resulting model, while in others, the clips show how the CR-Scan 01 can be combined with the firm’s wider Ender portfolio, to 3D print objects with potential end-use applications. 

Using the CR-Scan 01’s auto-alignment features, the firm’s videos show that it’s possible to capture and recreate everyday objects like table tennis bats, household furniture and small trinkets. Shown in live-action, the clips depict members of the Creality team easily scanning items, tailoring them via slicing software and 3D printing them, before unveiling them as end-use sports gear and gift products. 

Creality’s own content aside, the likes of Major Hardware have also put the CR-Scan 01 to the test with amusing consequences. Aiming to capture his pet dog ‘Cooper,’ the Youtuber found the process to be easier than he thought it’d be, due to the device’s “rock-solid” lock onto the pup, and he has since uploaded the model for his fans to 3D print too. 

Fans of Major Hardware (or Cooper) can download a ‘Cooper on the Couch’ of their own from Thingiverse here

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications for the CR-Scan 01. The scanner is available to order now via the Creality VIP MALL, with prices starting at less than $1,000 for either the standard version or upgraded model. 

Scanner Size 28 x 12 x 5.5cm 
Accuracy 0.1mm 
Resolution 0.5mm 
Scanning Distance 400-900mm 
Max Scanning Range0.3-0.2 m 
Frame Rate10 fps
Scanning Area 536 x 378 mm 
Output Formatobj, stl file
Working Temperature 0-40°C (no condensation)
Operating Requirements Windows 10 64-bit, 2.0 Ghz CPU,
8GB memory, USB 3.0 support

The nominations for the 2021 3D Printing Industry Awards are now open. Who do you think should make the shortlists for this year’s show? Have your say now. 

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Featured image shows Creality’s CR-Scan 01 being used to 3D scan a pineapple. Photo via Creality.