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API launches its new iSCAN3D 3D scanner – technical specifications and pricing

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Automated Precision Inc (API), a US-based manufacturer of laser metrology devices, has launched a new version of its iSCAN3D 3D scanner.

The third-generation hand-held device comes complete with several upgrades that improve performance and usability, including new laser optics and blue crossed laser lines for rapid metrology-grade 3D scanning. Designed for portability on the shop floor, the iSCAN3D is intended for applications such as prototype inspection, reverse engineering, large body assemblies, flush and gap, mold and die cavities, surface contours, and fixture inspection.

“We have seen an explosion in the uptake of laser scanning within manufacturing over the past few years,” states Joe Bioty, President of API. “With the launch of iScan3D, API reconfirms its focus in this growing market providing the next generation measuring solution, integrating both tactile and laser scanning into a single, seamless, high accuracy solution.”

The iSCAN3D 3D scanner. Photo via API.
The iSCAN3D 3D scanner. Photo via API.

Metrology-grade 3D scanning with API

API has been in the laser-based scanning and measurement business for more than three decades. The company’s flagship Laser Tracker was invented by founder Dr. Kam Lau while working at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Today, API offers a comprehensive portfolio of Laser Trackers, machine tool and robot calibration equipment, optical sensors, and CMMs, as well as on-site dimensional inspection, metrology, and calibration services. With its HQ in Rockville, Maryland, the firm has subsidiaries across Europe, Asia, and South America.

The product line includes the Radian Laser Tracker, which features a range of 80m, an eight hour battery life, and an accuracy of 0.7 microns/m. API also offers the Arm Portable CMM and a set of stationary horizontal CMMs.

The API iScan3D in action. Photo via API.
The API iScan3D in action. Photo via API.

The new iSCAN3D scanner

Weighing in at just 1.03kg, the new iSCAN3D is designed with ease of use and ergonomics in mind. Equipped with a 360° swivel head and API’s own six degrees of freedom Radian Laser Tracker, the company’s latest offering aims to enable high-precision measurements in hard-to-reach places with a variety of object types, including very large ones. As such, the device claims to solve many of the usability issues associated with hand-held 3D scanners, including operator fatigue, arm gymnastics, part access issues, and limited measuring ranges.

The iSCAN3D also prides itself on its extensive material compatibility, as it’s able to scan both highly reflective and high contrast surfaces. It comes complete with blue laser optics and a high-resolution camera to provide high-density point cloud scans that capture many of the finer feature details in real-time.

Looking at some of the numbers, the iSCAN3D offers a very fast measurement rate coming in at 200,000 points per second, with a point spacing of 70 microns and an accuracy of 50 microns. On the software side, the scanner is flexible in that it can be used with all of the most common point cloud metrology programs. The device even features integrated tactile probing for users that prefer more classic CMM-style measurements, and supports a variety of probe stylus lengths up to 500mm.

The iScan3D provides both scanning and tactile measurements. Photo via API.
The iScan3D provides both scanning and tactile measurements. Photo via API.

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications for the API iSCAN3D 3D scanner. The device is available to order now. Visit the API store page for a quote.

TechnologyBlue laser
Scan rate200,000 points per second
Point spacing70 microns
Accuracy50 microns

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Featured image shows the iSCAN3D 3D scanner. Photo via API.