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The 2021 3D Printing Industry Awards shortlists are open for voting.

3D Printing Industry readers were invited to make nominations across 20 categories including best 3D printer, best 3D printing material company. academic or research team and 3D printing community advocate of the year. 

The full list and descriptions can be found at the end of this article. 

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The 3D Printing Industry Awards Sponsors

We are exceptionally grateful to our sponsors. The beginning of this decade has been far from easy. The support provided by AM Ventures, Protolabs, Marks & Clerk, 3ecruit, and TÜV SÜD has allowed this event to flourish and ensured that 3D Printing Industry is able to serve the additive manufacturing community by providing high-quality information and news about our industry.

Sponsors of the 2021 3D Printing Industry Awards.
Sponsors of the 2021 3D Printing Industry Awards.


Protolabs is a leading digital manufacturing source for rapid prototyping and on-demand production. The company produces custom parts and assemblies in as fast as one day with automated 3D printing, CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and injection molding processes. Its digital approach to manufacturing enables accelerated time to market, reduces development and production costs, and minimizes risk throughout the product life cycle. Visit protolabs.com for more information.


3ecruit is a global recruitment consultancy specialising mainly in Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing. Whether you are a service bureau, end-user or a hardware manufacturer we can assist you on a global scale to find the right candidate. We provide quality above quantity and after 5+ years’ experience we have a true birds-eye view over this industry. Our main areas are EMEA and US, but we are not limited to these areas. Our rigorous process ensures only the best candidates are put in front of the hiring manager.

If you are a candidate then we are open discussing your next career move as we are connected directly to hiring managers all over the world for various roles. We will ensure to listen to you and try and match your skills and experience to our clients.

AM Ventures 

The leading venture capital firm in industrial 3D printing (additive manufacturing, AM) has an extensive portfolio of more than a dozen successful companies in 6 countries on 3 continents. The team possesses in-depth technology know-how and is well connected with the most experienced experts in the field. As an investment partner, the company provides a globally leading ecosystem of sustainable investments in AM and introduces entrepreneurs to a large pool of industry veterans, each one with decades of experience in engineering, manufacturing and executive management. Since 2021, AM Ventures is set up as a venture capital fund.


TÜV SÜD is a trusted partner of choice for safety, security, and sustainability solutions. It specialises in testing, certification, auditing, and advisory services. Since 1866, the company has remained committed to its purpose of enabling progress by protecting people, the environment, and assets from technology-related risks. Today, TÜV SÜD is present in over 1,000 locations worldwide with its headquarters in Munich, Germany. Through expert teams represented by more than 24,000 employees, it adds value to customers and partners by enabling market access and managing risks. 

By anticipating technological developments and facilitating change, TÜV SÜD inspires trust in a physical and digital world to create a safer and more sustainable future. 

Marks & Clerk

Marks & Clerk is one of the world’s foremost intellectual property firms. With offices on three continents, our attorneys handle the intellectual property and intangible assets of some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical, manufacturing and technology companies. Alongside geographical reach, the Marks & Clerk team offer technical expertise and are thought leaders on many of the key issues facing intellectual property rights holders today. From 3D printing to artificial intelligence – our attorneys are tuned in to the technologies shaping the 21st century.

A top three filer of Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications in the UK, the Marks & Clerk team manage intellectual property from filing and IP strategy through to licensing and prosecution. Marks & Clerk’s in-house litigation team remains one of the largest dedicated intellectual property legal practices, and works on agenda setting and technically complex cases with global clients. 

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The full shortlists for the 2021 3D Printing Industry Awards

Looking for more information about the enterprises, individuals, and products on the 2021 3D Printing Industry Award’s shortlists? Below are brief descriptions:

Community Advocate

Eurico Assunção,  IAMQS Coordinator

The International Additive Manufacturing Qualification System (IAMQS) is a set of qualifications for different proficiency levels in the field of AM technologies.

Gil Lavi, 3D Alliances

3D Alliances is an AM consulting firm specializing in talent acquisition, channel deployment services, and providing startups with access to growth capital.

Mara Hitner, VP of Strategic Partnerships, MatterHackers

Based in Orange County, MatterHackers is a leading supplier of 3D printers, 3D printing materials, and accessories.

Matthew Griffin, Director of Community Development. Ultimaker

Headquartered in Utrecht, Ultimaker is a manufacturer of professional desktop FFF 3D printers and the developer behind the open-source Cura slicer.

Integza, YouTuber

Integza creates science and technology-related YouTube videos with a focus on 3D printed rocket engines.

Olaf Diegel, Professor of Additive Manufacturing, Creative Design and Additive Manufacturing Lab, University of Auckland

The University of Auckland’s Creative Design and Additive Manufacturing Lab is a modern research facility dedicated to advanced manufacturing technologies.

Peter Rogers, Autodesk

Autodesk is a multinational engineering software developer with products dedicated to 3D design, animation, generative design, and more.

Prof Ho Chaw Sing, NAMIC Singapore

The National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC) is Singapore’s AM accelerator, connecting industry, academia, and public bodies to foster innovation.

Stephan Henrich, Designer & Lecturer Robotic Design and Architecture

Stephan Henrich employs 3D printing technology to develop novel devices such as robotic hands, scope bots, and monolithic wallets.

Uncle Jessy, YouTuber

Uncle Jessy, a self-confessed 3D printed prop junkie, makes YouTube videos covering desktop 3D printing technology and 3D printed cosplay.

TUV SUD Sustainability in Additive Manufacturing

6K Additive

6K Additive is a leader in producing sustainable industrial-grade metal AM powders for sectors such as aerospace, medical, and automotive.

Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association

The Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association (AMGTA) is a non-profit organization advocating for the environmental benefits of AM.

Desktop Metal Forust Printer

Desktop Metal’s Forust 3D prints functional wood-based parts using upscaled waste products and binder jetting technology.

EOS Responsible Manufacturing Initiative

EOS is a leading manufacturer of metal and polymer 3D printing systems based on powder bed fusion technology.

NonOilen by Fillamentum

Fillamentum is a fast-growing provider of specialist 3D printing filaments, including biodegradable and recyclable materials like NonOilen.

Fishy Filaments

Based in Cornwall, UK, Fishy Filaments recycles fishing nets into high-performance nylon-based filaments for FFF 3D printing.

Liqcreate and Stenden University

Liqcreate, NHL Stenden, and Maastricht University’s special bio-based 3D printing resins are derived from lignin, fatty acid, and camphor.

Materialise Bluesint PA12

Materialise’s Bluesint PA12 technology significantly increases the resource efficiency of SLS, enabling 3D printing with up to 100% re-used powder.

Siemens Energy AM row 1 turbine vanes

Siemens Energy’s 3D printed turbine vanes significantly improve gas turbine efficiencies, aiding the energy sector’s decarbonization goals.

TWINE by Hagen Hinderdael, Ai Build & Reflow

Designed for the Guiltless Plastic campaign, TWINE is a playful 3D printed furniture piece made of upcycled waste from the medical sector.

Software tool or company of the year


3YOURMIND’s comprehensive software portfolio includes Product Lifecycle Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, and a Manufacturing Execution System.

Autodesk Fusion 360

Autodesk Fusion 360 combines CAD, CAM, CAE, and electronics into one unified cloud-based platform known all around the globe.

Autodesk Netfabb

Autodesk Netfabb is a complete digital toolset for AM implementation, automating build preparation and streamlining the 3D printing workflow.


ChiTu Systems’ Chitubox is a widely-used slicer for the resin-based desktop 3D printing market.


Dyndrite’s software APIs make it easy for 3D printer OEMs to implement advanced features such as anisotropic compensation and support-free 3D printing.

Stratasys GrabCAD Print

Stratasys’ GrabCAD Print software streamlines the entire 3D printing workflow, enabling print preparation and remote build monitoring and control.


Link3D’s AM Workflow & Manufacturing Execution System gives organizations the power to centralize their 3D printing operations under one digital roof.

Markforged Eiger

Markforged’s Eiger is an end-to-end software platform for print preparation, real-time fleet management, and digital part storage.

Materialise Magics

Materialise Magics is a feature-rich 3D print preparation software with functionality such as part repair, automated nesting, and build analysis

Oqton’s ‘Additive’ AI platform

Oqton’s AI-powered MES software automates the entire 3D printing workflow, from build scheduling to report generation.

Start-up of the Year 

Print Parts Inc.

Based in New York City, Print Parts is an AM service bureau offering 3D printing technologies such as FFF, SLA, and SLS.


Mechnano is the startup behind MechT, the world’s first and only proprietary technology that detangles and separates carbon nanotubes, then disperses them throughout additive manufacturing materials to bring enhanced materials properties and previously unattainable performance.

Digital Manufacturing Centre

The Digital Manufacturing Centre (DMC) is a fast-growing, engineering-led additive manufacturing production facility in Silverstone Park, UK.

9T Labs

9T Labs is a developer of composite carbon fiber 3D printing technology for the aerospace, medical, and automotive sectors.


Triditive is an on-demand 3D printing service provider and the manufacturer behind AMCELL, an industrial 3D printer.

Relativity Space

Relativity Space uses robotic arm-based metal additive manufacturing technology to build entirely 3D printed rockets.

Slice Engineering

Slice Engineering is a provider of specialist accessories for FFF 3D printers, including hotends, extruders, and cooling devices.


Based in Texas, construction firm ICON is the manufacturer behind the ‘Vulcan’ concrete 3D printing system.


nFrontier is an innovation studio based in Berlin, using tech like AM to accelerate their clients’ product development ventures.


VoxelDance specializes in 3D print preparation software with advanced features such as STL repair and intelligent build nesting.

Desktop non-FFF 3D Printer of the Year

Anycubic Photon

The Anycubic Photon is a budget desktop resin 3D printer with a 2K LCD and a modest build volume of 115x65x155mm.

Creality Halot Sky

Equipped with a 4K LCD and 192x120x200mm build volume, Creality’s HALOT-SKY has applications in dental molds, jewelry, and more.

Elegoo Mars

The Elegoo Mars, featuring a build volume of 120x68x155mm, made a name for itself in the tabletop gaming community.

Formlabs Form 3

The Form 3 operates on Formlabs’ Low Force Stereolithography (LFS) technology with a 250mW laser.

Original Prusa SL1

The Original SL1 is Prusa’s debut resin 3D printer, offering a 2K LCD and 120x68x150mm build volume.

Peopoly Phenom

Placing a focus on larger part production, the Peopoly Phenom features a 276x155x400mm build volume and 1.8kg vat capacity.

Photocentric Liquid Crystal Precision 1.5

The LC Precision 1.5 offers a 2K LCD to enable high-precision 3D printing with Photocentric’s extensive resin portfolio.

Sinterit Lisa Pro

The Sinterit Lisa Pro brings SLS 3D printing to the desktop, touting features like nitrogen input and nylon compatibility.

Sintratec Kit

The Sintratec Kit, built for rapid prototyping, provides an accessible entry point to desktop SLS 3D printing.

Sisma Everes

The Sisma Everes DLP 3D printer platform operates on Sisma’s Zero Tilting Technology (ZTT) for rapid resin printing.

Enterprise 3D printer of the year (polymers)

BCN3D Epsilon

BCN3D’s Epsilon 3D printer series provides a route to multi-material functional prototyping in the workshop.

Carbon L1

The Carbon L1 offers a large 400x250x460mm build volume for high-volume polymer part production.

Desktop Metal Fiber

The Desktop Metal Fiber 3D prints carbon fiber and fiberglass composites for excellent part strength on the desktop.

EOS Formiga P110 Velocis

The FORMIGA P 110 Velocis is EOS’ established entry-level SLS 3D printer, bridging accessibility with performance.

EOS P 500

With a build rate of up to 6.6 l/h, the EOS P 500 offers polymer SLS 3D printing at industrial scale.

Stratasys J850

Stratasys’ full-color J850 3D printer enables rapid polymer prototyping and can print over 500,000 colors.

HP 580 MJF Color

HP’s Jet Fusion 580 Color is defined by its ease-of-use and full-color voxel control capabilities.

HP MJF 5200

The HP Jet Fusion 5200 offers extensive material compatibility and is built for volume polymer production.


The MakerBot METHOD X is an FFF manufacturing workstation, enabling both functional prototypes and reliable end-use production.

Markforged X7

The Markforged X7 is a composite powerhouse, offering a turnkey route to industrial carbon fiber 3D printing.

Enterprise 3D Printer of the Year (Metals)

AddUp – FlexCare System

AddUp’s FlexCare system is a modular, plug-and-play system comprised of autonomous metal AM production cells.

Desktop Metal Studio System

Featuring two-step processing, the Studio System comprises a printer, debinder, and furnace for binder jet metal parts production.

EOS M290

The EOS M290 offers an extensive materials portfolio and 400W fiber laser for high detail resolution metal parts.

GE Additive X Line

With a 160L build volume, the X Line claims to be the world’s largest metal laser melting machine for producing large functional metal parts.

GEFERTEC Arc Series 

GEFERTEC offers a complete manufacturing system for industrial metal 3D printing in the Wire-Arc-Additive-Manufacturing (WAAM) process, which is already in use in various industries e.g. oil & gas, maritime, mechanical, and plant engineering, transportation.

Markforged Metal X System

The Metal X is an FFF-based system that leverages Markforged’s Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing (ADAM) technology.

Xerox ElemX

The ElemX is a liquid metal 3D printer designed to overcome the challenges associated with metal powders used in 3D printing.

Velo3D Sapphire System

Compatible with a broad range of metal alloys, Velo3D’s Sapphire system is designed to unlock digital manufacturing for mission-critical applications.

Sciaky EBAM

Sciaky’s Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM) machines are engineered to deliver metal parts faster and with less material waste.

SLM Solutions NXG XII 600

Designed for high-volume, serial production, the NXG X11 600 features 12 1000W lasers to print metal parts up to 20 times faster than single laser systems.

Company of the year (Personal)


3DGBIRE sells, services, and supports market-leading 3D printing products throughout the UK and Ireland.


3DGence is a global FFF 3D printer manufacturer with the goal of optimizing the industrial workflows of its customers.

Prusa Research

Prusa Research manufactures open-source 3D printers and has been previously named the fastest-growing tech company in Central Europe by Deloitte.

BCN3D Technologies

Spanish 3D printer manufacturer BCN3D has built a growing portfolio of IDEX FFF 3D printers and software offerings.

Dyze Design

Dyze Design manufactures components, upgrades, and accessories for 3D printers, including hotends, extruders, and nozzles.

E3D Online

Since building on its RepRap roots, E3D Online has become a global 3D printer components and hardware OEM.


Formlabs is a 3D printer manufacturer that offers a broad portfolio of desktop systems and materials suitable for industries ranging from medical to jewelry.


LulzBot is a desktop 3D printer manufacturer with open source hardware communities at the core of its business.

Lumi Industries

Italy-based Lumi Industries designs and manufactures resin-based 3D printers and materials for consumers and professionals.

Slice Engineering

Slice Engineering is a manufacturer of 3D printer components, hardware, and accessories.

Company of the year (Enterprise)

3D Systems

3D Systems is a leading 3D printer manufacturer with a broad portfolio spanning hardware, software, and material offerings.


French industrial 3D printer provider AddUp is the additive manufacturing venture of industrial engineering group Fives and Michelin.


Autodesk is a developer of 3D design software utilized within the architecture, engineering, construction, product design, and manufacturing industries.


Carbon is the developer of the Carbon Digital Light Synthesis (Carbon DLS) resin-based 3D printing technology.

Desktop Metal

Desktop Metal is a rapidly-growing industrial 3D printer manufacturer with roots in binder jet 3D printing.


EOS is a 3D printer manufacturer that has pioneered AM while focusing on sustainability.

GE Additive

GE Additive is an industrial 3D printer manufacturer.


HP is the developer of Multi Jet Fusion and Metal Jet 3D printing technology.


Markforged is a manufacturer of metal and carbon fiber 3D printers with wide-ranging applications.


Materialise is a Belgian software and 3D printing service provider for the medical and manufacturing sectors.

3D Printing for a Better World

3D Life Prints

ISO 13485-certified 3D Life Prints supplies 3D printed medical devices, products, and services to medical organizations.

3DP4ME: 3D printing of hearing aids

Jordanian non-profit organization 3DP4ME is manufacturing thousands of 3D printed hearing-aid molds in the Middle East.

Carbon and Resolution Medical

Carbon and Resolution Medical are developing 3D printed eyeglasses for children with Craniosynostosis for the Loving Eyes Foundation.

Advanced Manufacturing Crisis Production Response (AMCPR).

America Makes’s Advanced Manufacturing Crisis Production Response (AMCPR) program is seeking to bolster the US’ supply chain resilience as part of the nation’s Covid-19 response effort.


e-Nable is a grassroots, open-source community creating free 3D printed hands and arm prosthetics for those in need of upper limb assistive devices.

EOS initiative 3D Printing Against Corona

EOS’ 3D Printing Against Corona initiative is providing a global network of data, initiatives, and downloadable files to help users leverage the potential of 3D printing technologies.

GE9X engine turbine blades at Avio Aero Cameri

GE Aviation firm Avio Aero has manufactured turbine blades for GE’s GE9X engines using EBM technology.

Blue Tap’s water purification technology

Social enterprise Blue Tap is leveraging 3D printing to develop its chlorine doser for deployment in developing countries that makes water safe to drink.

Swiss MAM – Medical 3D Printing at the University and at the University Hospital Basel

Medical additive manufacturing research group Swiss MAM, located at the University of Basel, is developing applications for computer-assisted surgery, virtual surgical planning, and medical 3D printing.

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso  and The University of Texas at El Paso artificial mini-hearts

TTUHSC El Paso and UTEP have 3D bioprinted artificial mini-hearts to send to the ISS to gain insight into how microgravity affects the function of the human heart and associated medical conditions.

Material Company of the Year


3M is a global science-based technology firm developing advanced additive manufacturing materials for a wide range of applications and industries.


Fillamentum is a Czech 3D printing filament producer with an eye for improving sustainability, having launched its 100% biodegradable filament for 3D printing, NonOilen.

BASF Forward AM

BASF Forward AM, the 3D printing arm of chemical company BASF, develops wide-ranging material portfolio of powders, filaments and photopolymers for 3D printing.

Carpenter Technology

Carpenter Technology is a specialty alloys and metal powder producer that has strengthened its 3D printing materials portfolio in recent years.

CRP Technology

3D printing materials and services provider CRP Technology has launched its new polyamide-based carbon fiber-filled composite 3D printing material, Windform RS.


DSM is a global science-based nutrition, health and sustainable living company, which has developed 3D printing materials, as part of Covestro AM, with broad applications across multiple industries.


Evonik is a German chemicals company that has recently launched a new PEEK-based 3D printing biomaterial for medical applications.


Filamentive is a UK-based 3D printing filament developer, that has most recently launched a new industrial-grade PLA Tough material.


Henkel is a global chemical firm and developer of the Loctite materials brand, enabling 3D printing applications in automotive, aerospace, engineering, and consumer goods.


Kimya is the 3D printing materials arm of technology firm ARMOR and provides customized material formulations, filaments, and 3D printing services.

Academic, research team, or project


The AMable team is a consortium of different organisations with wide expertise on AM technologies, business and training.

Meso-Brain, Aston University

Headed by Aston University, the Meso-Brain project is exploring 3D printed stem cells for the treatment of neurological conditions.


CIM UPC provides 3D printing education in the form of courses, technological Masters and Postgraduate programs and scholarships.

Creative Design and Additive Manufacturing Lab, University of Auckland

The University of Auckland’s Creative Design and Additive Manufacturing Lab is exploring new AM technologies, materials, and design methods.

Digital Reconfigurable Additive Manufacturing facilities for Aerospace, MTC, UK

The Manufacturing Technology Center’s Digital Reconfigurable Additive Manufacturing facilities for Aerospace (DRAMA) project is aiming to improve the UK’s aerospace supply chain.

Prof. Randy Erb and the DAPS Lab at Northeastern University

Northeastern University’s DAPS Lab uses colloidal force to assemble materials at the microscale and has invented new types of 3D printing resulting in spinouts like 3D Fortify.

BARBARA project

The EU-funded BARBARA project is producing bio-based materials for 3D printed automotive and construction prototypes from food waste and agricultural by-products.


The LASIMM Project is aiming to develop a large additive-subtractive integrated modular machine based on a scalable open architecture framework.

Avio Aero TAL and Apulia Repair Development Center Laboratories

Working with Polytechnic’s in Turin and Bari to advance AM.

Jennifer Lewis and the Lewis Lab at Harvard University

Lewis has made pioneering contributions to the programmable assembly of soft functional, structural, and biological materials.

Medical Dental or Healthcare Application

Binder jet-based food printing, Creative Design and Additive Manufacturing Lab, University of Auckland

A unique food binder jet 3D printing technique developed at the University of Auckland’s Creative Design and AM Lab

CELLINK Bio Printing

CELLINK’s 3D bioprinting expansion, which continues to unlock new tissue engineering applications and potential treatments

Dunlee Anti Scatter Grids

Radiography grids 3D printed by Netherlands-based Dunlee that reduce X-ray scattering during cancer treatment

Aceo facial prosthetics

ACEO3D has 3D printed ear, nose, and throat prosthetics for those with facial disfigurements and mutilations since 2013

Marvel Medtech and XJet

Cancer-fighting ceramic probes 3D printed by Wisconsin-based medical device manufacturer Marvel Medtech using XJet technologies

MIT Project Manus

An initiative dedicated to upgrading MIT’s makerspaces and fostering cross-university maker communities

Photocentric and NHS

LCD system manufacturer Photocentric was contracted to 3D print over 7.6M COVID face shields for the NHS.

Sintratec and AFSP

Custom-made orthoses 3D printed by Advanced Family & Sports Podiatry using Sintratec systems

Swansea University 3D printed ear cartilage

A novel means of 3D printing ear cartilage developed as part of a £2.5M Swansea University study.

The Satchi-Fainaro Lab, Tel Aviv University, 3DCanPredict ERC project, 3D-bioprinted glioblastoma model.

A world’s first 3D printed active glioblastoma tumor with potential drug R&D applications created at Tel Aviv University

Aerospace Automotive Energy application of the year

3D Systems RF filter for Airbus aerospace

The first validated RF filter for commercial telecom satellites produced by Airbus using 3D Systems’ DMP technology

3t AM & Aston Martin 

3D printing service provider 3T has become a certified supplier of end-use parts for Aston Martin’s supercars

Porsche with MAHLE and Trumpf

A 3D printed a piston that adds 30hp to Porsche’s 911 GT2 RS sports car, developed alongside Trumpf and MAHLE

AON3D & Astrobotic’s Peregrine Moon Lander

3D printing with PEEK, PEKK, ULTEM and polycarbonate for a moon mission.

BAC Mono – Ultimaker

Ultimaker’s S5 has enabled BAC to 3D print over 40 end-use parts for its single-seater ‘Mono’ supercar

Burloak Technologies & Safran titanium landing gear

Burloak Technologies and Safran Landing Systems have 3D printed an industry-first large-format business jet nose piece

Neutron 3D printed launch vehicle by Rocket Lab

Unveiled earlier this year, Rocket Lab’s 3D printed Neutron launch vehicle is reusable and features an eight-ton-capacity

CRP Technology & LISA laboratory flight-ready 3U CubeSat

A 3D printed flight-ready CubeSat demonstrator built from CRP Technology’s Windform materials

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ has begun 3D printing with recycled plastics in a bid to halve its waste by 2030

Marshall Aerospace and Stratasys

Working with Stratasys, Marshall Aerospace has 3D printed flight-ready fighter jet ducting that’s 63% lighter than before

Creative Use of 3D Printing

Adidas Futurecraft 4D (Carbon)

Adidas’ Carbon DLS 3D printed ‘4DFWD’ midsoles, which were worn by athletes at the Tokyo Olympics

Google & Scan the World

Scan the World has teamed up with Google Arts & Culture to expand its collection of open-source, 3D printable art.

Dr. Mingjing Lin

Dr. Lin is a Lecturer in Fashion Technologies at Kingston University and author of Interfashionality: Body-oriented Parametric Design and Parametric Thinking 2.0 for 3 D-printed Fashion and Textiles.

Avio Aero – Design for Additive Team

Metal 3D printed turbine parts for the GE9X engines powering Boeing’s 777X, designed by the DfAM team at Avio Aero.

BattleBots and Markforged

The jet-like Valkyrie Battlebot, which was designed, built and repaired with Markforged 3D printing

Camper and BCN3D

Spanish footwear manufacturer Camper is now able to produce design prototypes inside of 24 hours thanks to BCN3D 3D printing

Carbon for the Specialized S-Works Power Saddle with Mirror Technology

A honeycomb-like bike saddle with ‘infinite’ tunability developed by Specialized utilizing Carbon 3D printing

University of Tübingen &  Graz University of Technology elephant trunk robot

A 3D printed arm that moves like a ‘trunk,’ lending it the potential to transport automotive parts or assemble electronics


Lifelike 3D printed fins developed by TRAFFIC to help tackle South Africa’s illegal shark trade

Lidewij van Twillert

Custom 3D printed nightwear designed by TU Delft’s Lidewij van Twillert.

Innovation of the year

6K’s UniMelt Microwave-Based Plasma Technology

6K’s UniMelt Microwave Plasma process is capable of converting recycled feedstock into industry-ready metal 3D printing powders

A*STAR SIMTech Laser Aided Additive Manufacturing

A*STAR LAAM’s flexible robot-mounted 3D printing technology allows for free-form metal deposition over a large footprint

AMT’s automated PostPro3D

AMT’s PostPro3D uses ‘Chemical Vapor Smoothing’ to enable the rapid, automated post-processing of 3D printed parts

EOS Laser ProFusion

EOS revolutionary technology for polymer additive manufacturing with nearly one million diode lasers.

Mechnano Carbon Nano-Tubes

Mechnano’s proprietary technology delivers static dissipative properties to 3D printed parts without compromising mechanical performance. 

Inverted multi-material laser sintering. John Whitehead and Hod Lipson

Columbia University’s multi-material SLS 3D printing process sees the system’s laser inverted upwards to print onto glass plates

Eggshell 3D Printing 

A construction method developed at ETH Zurich that allows set-on-demand concrete to be FDM 3D printed into complex shapes

Meltio multi-material 3D printing

Meltio’s Wire-Powder LMD technology enables the production of parts using metal wire and powder simultaneously

High Area Rapid Printing (HARP), Azul 3D

Developed at Northwestern, Azul 3D’s HARP technology can print at breakneck speeds of up to 45cm per hour

3D Systems Print to Perfusion bioprinting platform

3D Systems’ Print to Perfusion bioprinting technique enables the production of large, vascularized, tissue scaffolds

3D Scanning or Metrology Company

Artec 3D

Artec 3D is a Luxembourg-based manufacturer of metrology-grade 3D scanners and software

CAlibry – Thor3d

Russian 3D scanner developer Thor3D is known for its handheld Calibry, which was used by the Italian cycling team at Tokyo 2020


Based in Québec, Creaform makes the HandySCAN and MetraSCAN 3D scanners for engineering and education applications


FARO’s 3D scanning and imaging devices are used in industries ranging from construction to public safety forensics


GOM manufactures 3D scanning, metrology and measurement systems for industrial inspection and quality assurance purposes


As well as 3D laser scanners, Hexagon produces measuring, robotics and tracking systems for clients like Airbus and Audi


Peel3D specializes in producing low-cost scanners, software and accessories for design and reverse-engineering users

Scan The World MyMiniFactory (STW Photogrammetry)

MyMiniFactory’s Scan The World initiative is designed to create an ‘open-source museum’ of 3D printable artefacts

Nikon Metrology

As a market-leader in optical measuring systems, Nikon Metrology now offers laser, CT and robot arm-mounted scanners

Shining 3D

China-based Shining 3D has a broad portfolio comprising dental and engineering 3D scanners as well as DLP and FDM 3D printers

Value-added Reseller of the Year 


Since being spun-off from the University of São Paulo in 2015, 3D CRIAR has begun marketing SLS, FDM and SLA 3D printers


A self-professed team of engineers rather than salespeople, 3DChimera markets 3D printers, scanners, and related training services


3DGBIRE sells premium-brand printers from the likes of BCN3D, Ultimaker and Meltio to UK and Irish market.


Trading as part of the Austrian ‘niceshops’ group, 3DJake sells 3D printing, scanning and post-processing equipment across European markets


Since 2012, Italian 3D printing reseller 3DZ has installed more than 1600 printers for its primarily-European customers


Operating from the UK, Tri-Tech 3D is known as a reseller of Stratasys, MakerBot and Desktop Metal 3D printers


Vision Miner prides itself on having one of the best PEEK, PEI, PPSU, and carbon fiber printing offerings in the U.S.

Additive X 

Recently renamed from Goprint3D to Additive X, the UK reseller boasts customers like Samsung and Ford


Founded in orange county nine years ago, MatterHackers is an established supplier of 3D printers, materials and accessories


Established in 2013, German reseller IGO3D is on a mission to “make the world a little bit better” through 3D printing

Desktop FFF 3D Printer of the Year 

Anycubic Vyper

Designed to be an entry-level machine, the Anycubic Vyper features automatic bed levelling to help beginners get around any teething issues

Artillery Sidewinder

Featuring a 300 x 300 x 400 mm build plate and 100 mm/s print speed, the Artillery Sidewinder is highly-capable FDM desktop companion

Creality CP-01

Capable of 3D printing, laser engraving and CNC machining, Creality’s CP-01 is a robust multifunctional option for engineers everywhere

Creality Ender 3 Pro

An upgraded version of the trusty Ender-3, the ‘Pro’ edition includes an improved power supply and a more sturdy Y-axis base

LulzBot Taz SideKick 747

LulzBot’s new TAZ SideKick features a build plate, toolheads and aesthetics that can be configured to suit individual users’ needs

Flashforge Adventurer 4

FlashForge’s latest consumer-grade 3D printer includes a new slicer, leveling-free platform design, and a larger print volume than before.

Trilab DeltiQ 2

The Trilab DeltiQ 2 may be unusual in shape, but its QuadPrint functionality means that it can produce impressive multi-material builds


The latest version of Prusa’s award-winning i3 now packs an upgraded SuperPINDA probe for first-layer calibration, and automatic bed-levelling functionality.

E3D Toolchanger

Aimed at engineers and advanced prosumers, the E3D Toolchanger is a highly-customizable manufacturing engine for the workshop.

Snapmaker 2.0

The Snapmaker 2.0 is a 3-in-1 modular FDM 3D printer with CNC machining and laser engraving/cutting capabilities.

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