Additive Manufacturing Advantage: Aerospace, Space and Defense: Save the Date

Who are the additive leaders in the Aerospace, Space and Defense sectors?

How is 3D printing being used to create new markets for private space ventures, aircraft cabin interiors, or MRO?

With new materials such as NASA’s GRX-810 and advanced processing, including beam shaping, what cutting-edge technology will enable the next wave of innovation?

Additive Manufacturing Advantage: Aerospace, Space and Defense (AMAA) is a one day, free to attend, online event that will bring end users together with technology suppliers to discuss the pressing challenges, share success stories, and provide a global forum to connect with the experts.

Taking place on July 16th, registration is now open

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Focus on Additive Manufacturing & Aerospace

Ahead of AMAA 2024, 3D Printing Industry will publish a series of interviews with experts from across the aerospace, space, and defense sectors. These interviews will highlight the latest trends, innovations, and applications of additive manufacturing in these industries.

Want to add your voice to the conversation? Reach out to get involved. Follow the conversation across social media with the hashtags #AMAA and #AMAdvantage.

Speaking Opportunities: A limited number of speaking slots are available for the live event. Contact us now if you want to join.

As additive manufacturing becomes increasingly utilized across specialist sectors, user-focused events that meet the customer where they are will be invaluable to wider adoption. In July, the global aerospace community will meet at the UK’s Farnborough International Airshow, making the timing of AMAA an ideal opportunity to connect with leading voices ahead of one of the largest industry shows in the world. 

AMAA is supported by distinguished media partners from both the specialised world of industrial 3D printing and the trade press of the aerospace sector. 

Who should attend AMAA 2024?

Engineers and Designers: Professionals involved in the design and engineering of aerospace, space, and defense components.

Manufacturing and Production Managers: Those overseeing manufacturing processes and seeking to integrate additive manufacturing technologies.

Research and Development Specialists: Individuals focused on advancing additive manufacturing techniques and materials.

Quality Assurance and Control Experts: Professionals ensuring the quality and reliability of additive manufacturing outputs.

Business and Strategy Leaders: Executives and decision-makers aiming to leverage additive manufacturing for competitive advantage and market expansion.

Educators and Students: Academics and learners interested in the latest advancements and applications in additive manufacturing.

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