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CAPTURE 3D launches the GOM Scan 1 3D scanner – technical specifications and pricing

3D scanner provider CAPTURE 3D, the official US partner for GOM, has announced the launch of the GOM Scan 1 3D scanner.

Combining affordability and portability, the small-scale scanning system leverages GOM’s blue light technology and mesh editing capabilities to provide an accessible route to high-precision 3D scanning.

Aimed at both prosumers and engineering professionals, the GOM Scan 1 is suitable for small to medium-sized parts in a wide variety of applications. This includes 3D printing, reverse engineering, quality control, 3D modeling, education, art and design, and even healthcare.

Richard White, CAPTURE 3D’s General Manager, said, “GOM Scan 1 is a great tool to support great ideas, and with technology that’s proven to meet professional and industrial standards, you can rely on this 3D scanner to help you get things done.”

The GOM Scan 1 3D scanner. Photo via GOM.
The GOM Scan 1 3D scanner. Photo via GOM.

Professional 3D scanning with GOM

With a specialism in industrial 3D coordinate measuring technology, GOM has been a part of the ZEISS Group since mid-2019. The firm’s product portfolio is extensive, covering everything from tabletop 3D scanners to full-scale 3D measuring machines capable of processing large and heavy objects up to 6000mm in length.

GOM’s High-Precision 3D Metrology range includes the ATOS 5, the ATOS Capsule, and the PONTOS Live, a tracking system for the live positioning of parts in production environments.

On the other hand, the firm’s mid-range 3D scanning lineup includes the ATOS Q, the ATOS Compact Scan, GOM ScanCobot, and the TRITOP, a portable CMM system.

The GOM Scan 1

Built to be as compact and light as possible, the GOM Scan 1 weighs just 2.5kg and measures 290 x 215 x 80mm. Users are given a travel case that fits everything required to begin 3D scanning, so transporting the scanner from facility to facility is as easy as can be.

Based on GOM’s own blue light scanning technology, the device is designed to capture detailed full-field data with narrowband blue light and two separate cameras at six million points per scan. According to the firm, the scanner’s light source enables short measuring times while filtering out ambient light, resulting in clean 3D data. It does this via a sensor that calculates and compensates for changes in ambient lighting.

GOM Scan 1 also integrates GOM Inspect software for a comprehensive 3D measurement experience. The program allows users to edit and apply meshes to projects with ease, as well as smooth, thin, and refine polygon meshes, fill holes, and extract curvature lines. With smart polygonization functionality, customers can create highly detailed meshes and keep file sizes small. The software even allows users to compare different surfaces with dimensional inspections, generating corresponding reports.

GOM Scan 1 is available in three measuring volumes: MV 100 (100 x 65mm), MV 200 (200 x 125mm), and MV 400 (400 x 250mm). Additional accessories include a desktop tripod to prop the scanner up and a rotating turntable.

Small part scanning with the GOM Scan 1. Photo via GOM.
Small part scanning with the GOM Scan 1. Photo via GOM.

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications for the GOM Scan 1 3D scanner. The system is available now through CAPTURE 3D, click here to request a quote.

GOM Scan 1 (100)GOM Scan 1 (200)GOM Scan 1 (400)
Points per scan6 million6 million6 million
Point distance0.037 mm0.060 mm0.129 mm
Measuring area100 x 65mm200 x 125mm400 x 250mm
Working distance400 mm450 mm500 mm
Light sourceLEDLEDLED
Weight2.5 kg2.5 kg2.5 kg
Dimensions290 x 215 x 80mm290 x 215 x 80mm290 x 215 x 80mm
Cable length5 m5 m5 m
ConnectionUSB 3USB 3USB 3

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Featured image shows the GOM Scan 1 3D scanner. Photo via GOM.