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FARO, Florida-based world leaders in 3D scanning and measuring devices and software, have announced they will add the next logical layer of imaging to crime scene investigation with their Freestyle3D Objects handheld laser scanner [...]

At CES 2017 3D scanning will be in evident in not only the numerous VR applications but also with a new product from Silicon Valley based Bellus3D. The company have announced they will share their Face Camera accessory for Android [...]

Ahead of their CES arrival, HP have unveiled an upgrade to their HP Sprout Pro. The HP Sprout Pro G2 is an all-in-one 3D scanning computer with touchpad and projector. HP initially released the Sprout for hobbyists and amateur use [...]

Back in 2014 a Scottish research group began laser scanning the Forth bridges, a group of bridges spanning the River Firth in Scotland. Using an initial £300,000 funding from the Scottish Government, the aim was to preserve the UN [...]

Estonia’s Wolfprint 3D are “on a mission to bring humanity into VR.” Founded in 2014 the company have just announced a successful financing round where over half a million dollars was raised using crowdfunding platform, Seedinvest [...]

The Electronics Telecommunications and Research Institute (ETRI), located in Daejeon, South Korea's 5th largest city, is advancing 3D technology with a huge injection of funding. The institute has just announced a 3D scanning smar [...]

A new project shows how 3D imaging has many applications for helping people understand the world around them and can even be used to create an enhanced version of reality. The videogame and CGI film industries are frequently at th [...]

LiDAR is the ‘Light Detection and Ranging’ process used by autonomous vehicles to ‘see’ the road and objects around them. It creates digital images by reading the way light bounces off objects. These images can be recorded as poin [...]

Schools in Victoria, Australia are now using 3D printing to understand biology like never before. This application of additive manufacturing allows young students to visualize the basics of anatomy by via 3D printed replicas of sk [...]

When designing a new product, it's the details that appear seamless to daily life that are the most effective. Or, when preserving artefacts and art objects for future generations, it would be a disappointment to see the Venus De [...]