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Revopoint launches its new Revopoint RANGE 3D scanner: Technical specifications and pricing

3D scanner manufacturer Revopoint is determined to scale 3D scanning with its latest Revopoint RANGE, a 3D scanning system engineered for capturing large objects.

Since 2014, Revopoint has established a reputation for itself by prioritizing portability, performance, and convenience of use in the manufacturing of 3D scanning hardware. With dual headquarters in Xi’an and Shenzhen, Revopoint has established manufacturing centers and subsidiaries globally in Shanghai, Suzhou, Jiaxing, Hong Kong, the United States, and Japan. After the success of the POP 2, a general-purpose handheld 3D scanner, Revopoint focused on and enhanced its accuracy with the novel MINI 3D scanner.

Revopoint believes it has surfaced as a market leader in handheld 3D scanning. Revopoint has designed a variety of cost-effective scanning devices suitable for everyone from hobbyists to students, showcasing high-end characteristics that were previously reserved for commercial use.

Revopoint RANGE, which is now available on Kickstarter, takes the performance of initial Revopoint 3D scanners and, as the name implies, expands the range. Early bird pricing will be available to crowdfunding backers. Following the campaign, the retail value of the Revopoint RANGE will vary between $700 and $1000.

Revopoint RANGE is live on Kickstarter. Image via Revopoint.

High-level functionalities and adaptability being the main offering of Revopoint RANGE

In contrast to other consumer-grade 3D scanners in the sector, the Revopoint RANGE has a benefit when it is about scanning larger objects at a lower cost. This 3D scanner is suitable for anyone seeking to bring larger items from the physical realm into the digital world, thanks to its usability, versatility, and high accuracy.

The RANGE can grasp higher-resolution 3D data thanks to its high-powered projector and accurate optical design. It employs a projected light pattern that brightens the grasped 3D data, enhancing the “signal-to-noise” ratio and allowing it to scan components at greater distances.

Revopoint product line and its prices. Image via Revopoint.

Revopoint RANGE has a massive single capture range that broadens its FOV for greater scanning efficiency. Although the scanner can be used both outdoors and indoors, Revopoint advises avoiding direct sunlight while capturing components.

The texture mapping feature has been improved significantly in order to guarantee that the collected 3D data meets the lifelikeness of the real object. Consumers can employ the RANGE to collect 3D objects in color and straightforwardly transfer them to 3D design tools or a 3D printer.

The scanner itself emits undetectable infrared light that is completely safe for the eyes, allowing users to scan humans and other living organisms without risk of harm. In fact, Revopoint RANGE is intended to collect 3D data from a human face or body in a safe manner. The 3D scan can then be used to evaluate body dimensions, conduct fitness analyses, or create customized wearable items.

This 3D scanner is also suitable for larger objects such as architectural designs and statues.  The RANGE can also be employed to scan furniture and automobile components in high resolution and with colored textures. Other applications include cultural artifacts, virtual reality/augmented reality, video game design, reverse engineering, gifting, and much more.

Revopoint RANGE can be used to create large structures or statues. Image via Revopoint.

Compatibility, like that of other Revopoint 3D scanners, is yet another plus point for the RANGE. The system can be synced with a tablet, smartphone, or computer. Revo Scan, Revopoint’s complimentary software, is simple to operate and offers access to additional settings if needed.

The scanner is 210g and provides low energy consumption, enabling consumers to employ this highly portable scanner outdoors or indoors. To allow power and data flows into the device, all users require is a single USB cable.

The RANGE is compliant with a number of Revopoint accessories, such as the Large Turntable, which can retain components weighing up to 200 kg, and the Handheld Stabilizer.

Revopoint RANGE streamlines the 3D scanning process. Image via Revopoint.

Technical Specifications and pricing

Product Name3D Scanner3D Scanner3D Scanner
Product Model RANGEPOP 2MINI
Technology Dual-camera Infrared LightDual-camera Infrared LightDual-camera Blue light
Single-frame PrecisionUp to 0.1mm Up to 0.05 mm Up to 0.02 mm 
Single-frame AccuracyUp to 0.3mm Up to 0.1 mm  Up to 0.05 mm 
Single Capture Range 360 × 650mm 130mm × 210mm 64 mm × 118 mm 
Working Distance 300 ~ 800 mm150 ~ 400 mm100 ~ 200 mm
Point Distance0.3mm0.1mm0.05mm
Minimum Scan Volume50 x 50 x 50(mm)20 x 20 x 20 (mm)10 x 10 x 10 (mm)
Scan SpeedUp to 18 fpsUp to 10 fpsUp to 10 fps
Light SourceClass 1 Infrared LightClass 1 Infrared LightClass 1 Blue Light
AlignmentFeature, marker Feature, markerFeature, marker
Scanning Environment Indoor and OutdoorIndoor and OutdoorIndoor
Special object scanning For the transparent and highly reflective objects, please use scanning spray.For the transparent and highly reflective objects, please use scanning spray.For the transparent and highly reflective objects, please use scanning spray.
Scanner Weight 210g195g160g
Dimensions295 × 41.5 × 28.2(mm)154.6 × 38.2 ×25.6 (mm)120 × 38.5 × 25 (mm)
Press Button YESYESYES
Required System Configurations Windows 8\10\11 (64-bit), Android, iOS, MacWindows 8\10\11 (64-bit), Android, iOS, MacWindows 8\10\11 (64-bit), Android, iOS, Mac
Printable Data Output YESYESYES
Note*The aforesaid accuracy is acquired in a standard lab environment, which might vary subject to the actual operating environment.                        
* Windows 7 is out of support. 

Potential customers can refer to the link to gain a basic understanding of how to use Revopoint 3D scanners.

Feature image shows Revopoint RANGE. Image via Revopoint.