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All-new Lynx 3D scanner from 3DMakerpro offers high accuracy and portability

High-precision 3D scanner manufacturer 3DMakerpro has launched its new 3D scanner dubbed Lynx. 

The Lynx 3D Scanner is a portable and affordable option that offers high accuracy in 3D scanning. It finds utility in various fields like art, design, and industrial design, and is also suitable for generating 3D models for 3D printing purposes. Additionally, it is accompanied by JMStudio scanning software designed exclusively for 3DMakerpro.

Lynx 3D scanner. Image via 3DMakerpro.

Superior accuracy and resolution for highly detailed scans

The Lynx 3D Scanner boasts a high level of accuracy, with measurements as precise as 0.10mm, allowing for the creation of highly detailed and accurate 3D scans of objects. It also offers a resolution of 0.30mm, ensuring that even the smallest details can be captured effectively. 

When it comes to scanning large objects, the Lynx 3D Scanner employs an optical stabilizer and advanced visual tracking technology to ensure smooth scanning without the need for markers, minimizing misalignment risks. Its advanced visual tracking capabilities enable the scanner to effectively capture objects that are challenging to mark, such as people or animals.

One notable advantage of the Lynx scanner is its Single Capture Range, which measures 400 × 250mm. This range is 200% larger compared to conventional mid-format scanners. Additionally, the Lynx scanner enables users to scan objects with dimensions of up to 5000 x 5000 x 5000mm, which represents a significant improvement of 3700%.

Lynx comprises Handheld Mode for easier scanning. Image via 3DMakerpro.

Effortless scanning and editing with JMStudio

JMStudio provides a user-friendly scanning experience that yields superior 3D scanning results, even for individuals new to the process. The software incorporates smart editing features, streamlining the processing of scanned projects with a single click, resulting in “satisfying” 3D models effortlessly. 

Additionally, JMStudio supports file exports in formats such as OBJ, STL, and ASC, enabling users to further edit, refine, render, or print their scans using their preferred design software. It is available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android devices. For iOS and Android connectivity, the use of the Connect accessory is necessary.

Lynx 3D scanner can also be used by hobbyists to scan small and intricate objects. Image via 3DMakerpro.

Technical specifications and pricing

Scan performance parameters

Frame rate10fps
Tracking modeVisual tracking
Work distance400-900mm
Single capture range250 x 400mm
Typical object sizes100-2000mm

Hardware Parameters

Light sourceNIR
Color textureExtended support
USB interfaceUSB2.0
Dimensions290 × 120 × 55mm

Software system requirements

Output formatOBJ/STL/ASC
Compatible systemWindows10/11 64bit, MacOS12/13
Compatible mobileAndroid 10.0 or later, iOS 15.0 or later (Extended support)
Minimum computer requirementsIntel Core i5 8th, 16GB RAM, MX250 GPU with 2GB VRAM
Recommended computer requirementsIntel Core i7 8th, 16GB RAM, NVDIA1060 GPU with 4GB VRAM
Lynx employs Turntable mode for accurate scanning. Image via 3DMakerpro.

3DMakerpro’s team consists of more than 100 R&D members, and has independently developed industry-leading software algorithms, such as the multi-spectral projection system, the visual tracking and no-marking registration algorithm, and the automatic model processing algorithm. 

Additionally, 3DMakerpro says it has spent over 30 million dollars in R&D to date. The manufacturer claims its products have been granted patents more than 60 times and awarded software copyright patents over 30 times. Furthermore, its software R&D system has been certified as CMMI level 3, while the quality system has been certified by ISO9001.

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Featured image shows Lynx can scan complex objects. Image via 3DMakerpro.